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Crochet Through Time: 32 Vintage Patterns


Welcome crocheters, step into my time machine. I thought it might be nice to take a little trip back in time to get vintage patterns [3] your mother or grandmother fawned over. As a bit of a vintage fanatic, I knew that it would be too overwhelming if I didn’t focus in on a specific time period.

So today we’re going back to 3 of my favorite decades: the ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s. I’m head over heels for this time frame. From the movies (Singing in the Rain, Casablanca, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, I could go on and on) to the clothes (Sweater sets? Yes, please!), I just love this time period.

While we may not be able to actually go back in time (I’ve checked), we can at least crochet our way through time. We could start with something like the Victoriana Rose Wreath Afghan [4], which is stunning and perfect for any home that’s a little more traditional.

We could then move on to the Honeycomb Afghan [5], a personal favorite of mine, and end with something Hi-Fi Companions Afghan [6], which reminds me of small beaded strands of sea glass. What are we waiting for? Let’s get crocheting!

Crochet Through Time: 32 Vintage Patterns [7]


Vintage Patterns from the 1940s 

  1. Sea Shell Afghan [8]

    Vintage-Floral-Hexagon-Afghan [9]

    vintage floral hexagon afghan

  2. Wigwam Afghan [10]
  3. Vintage Floral Hexagon Afghan [9]
  4. Modern Mood Afghan [11]
  5. Fleur de Lis Afghan [12]
  6. Victoriana Rose Wreath Afghan [4]
  7. Vine and Trellis Afghan [13]
  8. Modern Leaf Afghan [14]
  9. Mount Vernon Blanket [15]


Vintage Patterns from the 1950s 

  1. Flower Afghan [16]
  2. Colonial Charm Afghan [17]


    flower afghan

  3. Honeycomb Afghan [5]
  4. Jacob’s Ladder Afghan [18]
  5. Lollipop Afghan [19]
  6. Maltese Cross Afghan [20]
  7. Navajo Afghan [21]
  8. Mardi Gras Afghan [22]
  9. Peacock Afghan [23]
  10. California Ranch Afghan [24]
  11. Persian Print Afghan [25]
  12. Highland Home Afghan [26]
  13. Siesta Afghan [27]
  14. Sugar n’ Spice Afghan [28]
  15. Autumn Chevron Afghan [29]
  16. Blue Diamond Afghan [30]


Vintage Patterns from the 1960s 

  1. Colony Afghan [31]

    Colony [32]

    colony afghan

  2. Chinese Screen Afghan [33]
  3. French Poodles Crochet Afghan [34]
  4. Crocheted Zig Zag Afghan [35]
  5. Hi-Fi Companions Afghan [6]
  6. Jamaica Ginger Afghan [36]
  7. Lancaster Afghan [37]


Which time period are you a fan of?