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Arm Knit Scarf with Tassels


Do you love the look of chunky knits, but hate maneuvering your needles for ages to get the look? We’re all familiar with that feeling of our hands cramping up after knitting for too long. But have you ever thought about arm knitting? This Arm Knit Scarf with Tassels [3] from Flax and Twine looks so cute, is way cheaper than you’d find in a store, and uses the arm knitting technique [4] to work up so you can give your fingers a break! Not sure how to arm knit [5]? Never fear – this tutorial shows you just how to do it (and if you need another visual, we have some great arm knitting tutorials right over on AllFreeKnitting [6]!)

Arm Knit Tassel Scarf [3]Click here for the full tutorial! [3]