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These Booties Were Made for Walking: 15 Baby Booties Crochet Patterns

Whenever my dad helps me pack to go on a trip, he always compares the number of shoes I wear to the length of time I’ll be traveling and demands to know how I could possibly wear an average of three different pairs per day! Well, Dad, I’m baffled, too, but the important thing is that I am prepared for any weather or fashion emergency.

Your little one is no different! The love of a well-rounded closet of shoes starts early in life, so work up these free crochet patterns [1] for baby booties to keep those little feet happy while your child starts crawling, walking, and then, yes, running (you’ll need your own set of tennis shoes to keep up, parents and grandparents!). Crochet shoe patterns [2] are extra special; this style is tailored to be so soft and comfortable, your little one won’t be kicking these off as soon as you get in the car. Plus, babies look truly adorable in miniature versions of name-brand shoes, but that can get expensive. These free baby crochet patterns [3] feature a great mix of original style in addition to DIY versions of those popular names you know and love. Even for newer crocheters, there are plenty of easy crochet baby booties that will let you master the style without getting a headache. Whether you are looking for that classic pair of converse or adorable animal-themed booties, you will find something to delight your special baby!

These Booties Were Made for Walking: 15 Baby Booties Crochet Patterns [4]

These Booties Were Made for Walking: 15 Baby Booties Crochet Patterns

  1. Country Cowboy Boots [5] – pictured!Country Cowboy Boots [5]
  2. How to Crochet Baby Booties Just Like Ugg [6]
  3. Ellie The Elephant Crochet Baby Booties [7]
  4. Basic Crochet Booties Pattern [8]
  5. Rainbow Easy Crochet Baby Booties [9]
  6. Little Miss Flower Crochet Baby Booties [10]
  7. Piper Jane Baby Shoes [11]
  8. Easy Baby Boots Crochet Pattern [12]
  9. The Parker Crochet Baby Booties [13]
  10. Sailor Baby Booties [14]Sailor Baby Booties [14] – pictured!
  11. Easiest Baby Booties Ever! [15]
  12. Cuffed Baby Booties [16]
  13. Blooming Berry Baby Booties [17]
  14. Dr. Martens Crochet Baby Booties [18]
  15. Converse Tennis Shoes [19]

What’s your favorite pair of shoes? Let us know below in the comments!

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