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Bare & Beautiful: 11 Simple Crochet Patterns


Sometimes all you need to complete a room is a single pop of color. That’s why we love Bare & Beautiful: 11 Simple Crochet Patterns. These simple crochet patterns are primarily one color, making them great accent pieces. I find that often times less is more when it comes to crochet afghan patterns, and these ones sure do prove that theory.

From rich cable patterns to the unique motif designs [3], these simple crochet patterns are timeless treasures. Plus, you don’t have to worry about changing yarn colors or complicated color charts. A single-toned afghan is my go-to for quick crochet projects [4]. If you want to crochet something pretty, but not overpowering, check out these simple crochet patterns!


Bare & Beautiful: 11 Simple Crochet Patterns [5]


1. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Afghan [6]  This quick and easy afghan has a bright lemony color that will light up your whole room!

Quick and Easy Afghan [6]

2. Pinwheel Crochet Bedspread Pattern [7]  Perfect as a bedspread, this purely white afghan is simple and sophisticated.

Pinwheel Bedspread [7]

3. Pink Raspberry Throw [8] Crochet a classic with this pretty pink raspberry yarn.

Pink Raspberry Throw [8]

4. One Large Granny [9] Instead of a complicated granny square blanket, this afghan is just one giant granny square. How cool!

One Large Granny [9]

5. Blueberry Mornings Basket Weave [10] You’ll love waking up to this bright blue wonder.

Blueberry Mornings Basket Weave [10]

6. Aran Afghan [11]A simple aran crochet pattern is always a favorite.

Aran Afghan [11]

7. Turquoise Lace Throw [12] This lacy afghan will take you right to the Caribbean with its juicy color!

Turquoise Lace Throw [12]

8. 6 Hours or Less Throw [13] Short on time? Make this simple staple in a few steps.

6 Hours or Less Throw [13]

9. Cozy Merlot Throw [14] This deep wine red throw is perfect for the winter months. Don’t you just want to snuggle with it?

Cozy Merlot Throw [14]

10. Ripples in the Water Blanket [15] This simple chevron crochet pattern looks like calming water ripples.

Ripples in the Water Blanket [15]

11. Victorian Magenta [16]The list wouldn’t be complete without a pretty Victorian pattern. This magenta one has beautiful flowers!

Victorian Magenta [16]

What’s your favorite simple crochet pattern?