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Be Unique: 20 Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns


Getting bored with all of the usual crochet afghan patterns floating around? I know it can be difficult to find something new and interesting after looking at so many different patterns (curse you Pinterest and your endless supply of inspiration!). Well, Be Unique: 20 Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns should solve this problem for all of us. We’ve compiled a cool mix of different crochet afghan patterns that really stood out to us.

Each of these crochet afghan patterns has its own creative spark. If you’re thinking about starting a new project soon, you should definitely browse through this list. I’m sure there will be something you find so unique you’ll just have to crochet it! Of course we’ve included some crochet afghan patterns for blankets, but we also have some for crochet granny squares [3], too. We even threw in a couple of random, but awesome, crochet motifs [4] at the end – the options are endless with those!

If you want some unique ideas, I suggest picking one of these crochet afghan patterns. You’ll love how each of these has its own stylistic flair. I personally cannot even decide where to begin.

Be Unique: 20 Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns [5]

Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns: Blankets

Begin your unique adventure with some cool crochet blanket patterns. Have you ever seen anything like the Hexa-Puff Crochet Baby Quilt [6]? These crochet blanket patterns will “Wow!” you with their creative power.

Water Color Blanket [7]


Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns: Granny Square Patterns

I always feel like the sky’s the limit with granny square patterns. The colors and designs on these squares are unparalleled. I suggest making a cool, summer blanket with some of the brighter squares!

Summer Sherbet Granny Square Pattern [13]

Creative Crochet Afghan Patterns: Crochet Motifs

Want to get even more adventurous with your crochet? Step out of the box – literally – and go for some unusually shaped motifs. You can crochet these together to form a mega-unique blanket, use them on their own as coasters, or anything else you can think of!

Crochet Butterfly Peacock Mandala [21]


What’s the most unique project you’ve ever crocheted?