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36 Beach-Approved Summer Knit Patterns


My sister recently moved to Texas, and for spring break, my parents went down to visit and spent the week lounging at a beach on the Gulf. The whole time they were there, of course, they continued to remind me of how gorgeous the weather was and how tan they were getting. They sent me countless pictures of beachside lazing and sunsets over the water.

In the frigid north, my friends and I joked that in the Midwest, spring break is really just second winter break. We may have laughed it off, but really, we would have given a lot to be lounging on the beach with them.

Now it’s summer in the north, which means we finally get to enjoy the beach (without snow on it). Summer. A time of fun and excitement and magic and beauty and sun. I’m planning to enjoy time on the beach this summer [3], because the sand between my toes and the sun on my face (lathered in sunscreen) will be good for my soul. You should plan on it, too.

But, going to the beach does take a bit of preparation, since you need to have the right beach attire and accessories. You don’t want to get to the beach and discover you’ve left something important behind!

The lists below of Beach-Approved Summer Knit Patterns will help you find the perfect tops, sweaters, blankets, and other accessories to bring with you on your beach day.

Beach Approved Summer Knit Patterns

Knit Tank Top Patterns

Sunflower Split Back Tank [4]

Sunflower Split Back Tank

I find that I can always use another swimsuit cover-up to liven up my beach wardrobe. The first pattern in this list is a long knitted beach cover-up, and the rest are knit tank top patterns [5] that could easily be used as cover-ups to throw on over your suit on the way to and from the beach. Plus, beaches are almost always surrounded by fun beachside activity like restaurants with seafood and outdoor decks. If you have one of these tank tops (and a pair of shorts) handy, you won’t have to go home and change before indulging at your favorite beachside restaurant.

For more, check out this collection of summer knit tops [15] and this free summer top eBook [16]!


Summer Knit Sweater Patterns

Summer Sunburst Cardigan [17]

Summer Sunburst Cardigan

The funny thing about the beach is that while it can be hot and steamy sometimes, other times, the breeze off the water has you shivering in your flip-flops. These sweater [18] and shawl [19] summer knit patterns will help take away some of that chill.

These collections have even more summer cardigan patterns [26] and summer sweater patterns [27]!


Knit Blanket Patterns

Seaside Stripes Blanket [28]

Seaside Stripes Blanket

And, if a sweater isn’t enough to keep the beachy breeze from making you cold, bring along a cozy knit blanket [29]. After my sister moved to Texas, her entire sense of temperature changed, so even summer up here gives her the shivers. She would probably make all five of these blankets and layer them one on top of the other!


DIY Sunglasses Case

Chevron DIY Sunglasses Case [34]

Chevron DIY Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses are such an important thing to remember when you go to the beach because whether you are hot or cold, squinting into the sun is super annoying. Especially if you’re lounging back, trying to read that book you’ve been so excited, but too busy, to read (I’ve been there). These summer knit patterns are both great options for keeping your sunglasses safe and free of scratches.


Patterns for Babies

Winsome Watermelon Baby Hat Pattern [36]

Winsome Watermelon Baby Hat Pattern

Plus, since I can’t resist the cuteness of babies in adorable knits, here are a few baby summer knit patterns. These will look SUPER adorable on the beach, or really anywhere because, well, they’re baby patterns [37]. Wouldn’t it be the cutest thing to make the watermelon hat and baby booties and have baby look like a little watermelon?


Summer Knit Bags

Summer Escape Knit Bag [43]

Summer Escape Knit Bag

And, the perfect finishing touch for your day at the beach—a beach bag! I bet you could throw in one of your newly knit sweaters, your sunglasses (in their new case), your towel, and your book for the beach. Depending on how large your knit blankets turn out, you could maybe even fit a beach blanket!


I hope these summer knit patterns will make you better prepared to enjoy every second you can on the beach this summer! Get knitting, and then get to the beach! I’ll probably be there!


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What are your fun summer plans?