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Benefits of Knitting & Crocheting: Inspirational Stories


Several years ago I had the pleasure of getting to “know” Lee Gant in a Facebook fiber arts group, and that is when I first heard about her idea of sharing inspirational stories. I was touched and so excited that I felt I needed to share my own story (which is in the book, but I won’t tell you which one) with her. I completely forgot about the book until I happened upon it at my local bookstore

love in every stitch [3]

“Creating things with my hands has opened my heart to find the love and joy in everything…Row by row stitch by stitch, we knit, we untangle, and we heal.” – Lee Gant, Love in Every Stitch [4]

So of course I picked up a copy and read it right away. It is full of stories from people of all walks through life and how therapeutic knitting or crochet was to them. Lee has found so many inspirational stories and woven them into the project you can’t put down until you are finished! I reached out to Lee and below is an interview she did with me via email despite all the many things she is up to. For a more in-depth review and to find out the most unusual place Lee Gant has knit and her other favorite crafts check out Crochet Chiq [5]

10688272_742722022486012_866695774877317041_o (2) [6]
Photo Of Lee Gant, knit designer, teacher, and author

How did you get started teaching people in your community to knit?

While working in a yarn store, I met wonderful people who shared stories of successes and failures, both in life and in knitting. We sat together while we fixed mistakes and talked and knit. I found out that there were homeless kids living in a shelter in town, and I thought that if I could teach them to knit, they might find a bit of joy and happiness and comfort like I do.

Why was it so important to you to share all of these stories?

I want to help people. I want them to know what I learned. I found a place online called Stitchlinks [7] where people shared stories of how crafting had made a difference in their lives. I found out that I was not alone…others were finding the same comfort that knitting was giving me. I sent my story in; talked of my addictions and lack of self-esteem and fears that I carried with me from childhood. I talked about how knitting saved my life. I couldn’t share those stories from Stitchlinks [7], so I asked friends and knitters from all over if they would share their stories with me so I could share them with you.

Do you have a favorite yarn or needle and why?

I use different types of needles for different yarns…wooden needles help me keep an even tension on cottons, but if I have a wool blend, Addi’s are my go to favorite. Circulars are my only choice, as the weight of a project on straight needles tips me over sideways and won’t fit comfortably in my white chair.

Do you have any plans for future books?

Yes! Coming in the Summer of 2016, a book of original designs and patterns for girls and young juniors, sizes 6 -12. Dress Me Up will showcase contemporary knits, the likes of which you’ve never seen. I’m also working on a sequel to Love in Every Stitch, to address some of the things I left you with; so that you might know me better, and finally, Labitudes; Conversations with Zena, the story of my Canine Companion; a friend, a mother and a dog with an attitude.

You can find Lee Gant on YouTube [8] , on her Website LeeGantKnits [9], and don’t forget to find her book  Love in Every Stitch on Amazon [10]. How has crochet or knitting helped you, share your story below!

Share your inspirational knitting story with us! We’d love to know how knitting as helped you.