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9 of the Best Free Crochet Poncho Patterns


Crochet ponchos are making a comeback – in a huge way! This popular vintage accessory is now widely available in stores as a springtime cover-up. I’ve even seen lightweight beach cover-ups that look a lot like ponchos – they’re everywhere! I’ll admit it, though… I used to hate the idea of ponchos. The thought of wearing something over my head, like a sweater, but without the structure that a sweater provides was just baffling to me. Wouldn’t you get annoyed by all that extra fabric? Won’t it be annoying to move your arms with all that fabric? But are they really warm?

I was so wrong. My mom got me a wintery poncho for Christmas, and I love it. I’m a converted poncho-lover. Technically, it’s an open poncho that is like a hybrid between a poncho and a cardigan, but the point still stands. They’re so cozy and warm and really go with everything. Your arms don’t get caught in the extra fabric, and you will get compliments on them. In fact, I’m loving ponchos so much that I’m even eyeing the shelves now, looking for a good spring poncho to wear for chill spring and summer nights or for when the AC is set just a bit too high in the office.

If this is a style that you’d like to try out, there are so many variations! You can make them as oversized as you want and choose between chunky yarn or some light-weight type. They’re great as a warm layer when it’s cold or just as a light and lacy one over a summer tank top. With so many styles and types to choose from, you’re bound to find a crochet poncho style that’s just perfect for you. And to help you with that search, here are some of our favorite free poncho patterns to make on your own!

9 of the Best Free Crochet Poncho Patterns

Mosaic Poncho Cropped [3]

  1. Queen Elizabeth Poncho [4]
  2. Multicolored Poncho [5]
  3. Boho Poncho [6]
  4. Shortly Oversized Poncho [7]
  5. Chic Cowl Neck Poncho [8]
  6. That 70s Poncho [9]
  7. Ice Crystals Poncho [10]
  8. Swanky Crochet Kaftan [11]
  9. Mosaic Sunset Poncho [3]

Are you on board with the poncho trend?