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Blissful Blankets: 11 Knit Afghan Patterns


This winter weather has been pretty crazy where our offices are located. Temperatures have been both in the 40s and nearing zero in the same week, and I’ve started just keeping my gloves and hat in my car because I never know when I’m going to need them! Today it’s a balmy 31 degrees, and all I can think about is how I’m going to wrap myself in a cocoon of blankets as soon as I’m home. Whether you’re feeling the chill in your part of the world or simply looking at the snow on the weather report, one thing’s for sure: Winter is the season for blankets [3]!

We give a lot of love to the crochet afghan [4] here at Stitch and Unwind (we can’t help it—we’ve got a whole sister site devoted to them [5]!), but today we’re paying tribute to its cousin, the knit afghan! These 11 knitting patterns [6] will have you well on your way to Warmville before you know it. From basic beginner knitting patterns to designs that are a little more advanced, you’re sure to find the blanket of your dreams to snuggle up with this winter.

knit afghan patterns [3]

Blissful Blankets: 11 Knit Afghan Patterns

effortless-cherry-wine-afghan [7]

Country Cottage Blanket [8] – You’ll be feeling cozy in this cottage-inspired afghan.

Stormy Weather Blanket [9] – There’s no better blanket for warming up with!

Just Like Magic Arm Knit Afghan [10] – Try an arm knit afghan for a fun change of pace.


Cherry Wine Knit Afghan [7] – This gorgeous wine-colored afghan adds a wintry color to any room.

Lazy Minute Afghan [12] – It doesn’t get much simpler than this basic afghan pattern!

Cuddly Quick Knit Throw [13] – An easy knit afghan pattern with a wonderful texture.

In a Pinch Afghan [14] – This knit afghan works up super quickly.

One-Hour Arm Knit Blanket [15] – You heard me—you can make this in one hour!

countryside-charm-afghan [16]

Cinnamon Twist Afghan [11] – Different cable sizes give this afghan a fun texture.

Grandma’s Famous Afghan [17] – This design never goes out of style!

Countryside Charm Afghan [16] – Get wrapped up in the feel of the countryside.

Have you ever knit a blanket? Let us know below in the comments!