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Crazy Cat Lady Patterns: Free Crochet & Knitting Patterns


Crazy Cat Lady PatternsI may not own any cats, but I absolutely love them! Cats are the best and so many crocheters and knitters agree. That’s why, without even realizing it, we become crazy cat ladies that love EVERYTHING cat related. Naturally, this means there are some cat and knitting patterns out there and the best free patterns are right here. Now embrace your inner cat lady and enjoy these cute kitten patterns!

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns with Cats

Crochet afghans [3] with cat motifs are super adorable. After finishing one of these afghans for yourself, you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with your cat on your lap. If your cat is too antisocial, at least you’ll have an afghan full of furry little friends to keep you company.

  1. Cat Lady Afghan [4]
  2. Cat & Mouse Throw and Pillow [5]
  3. Cuddly Kittens Afghan [6]
  4. Paw Print Afghan Square [7]

Cat Hats to Love

Cozy Hat Hooded Scarf [8]A popular trend with kids these days are animal hats! Cat hats are some of the cutest hats you can buy, but why buy when you can crochet and knit one yourself? Work up one of these free hat patterns [9] for a child or grandchild this winter and they’ll be sure to wear it all the time.

  1. Kitty Cat Hat [10]
  2. Cozy Cat Hooded Scarf [8]
  3. Cat Costume Headband [11]
  4. Hello Kitty Earflap Child Hat [12]
  5. Quick Kitty Hat [13] (knit)
  6. The Kitty Kat Hat [14] (knit)

Stuffed Animal Cats

A Blue Crochet Kitty [15]Kids love curling up with stuffed animals and you can crochet a custom kitten for the little one in your life. Some of these patterns are inspired by the popular Hello Kitt [16]y and you’ll fall in love with the cute kittens below.

  1. Clyde the Golden Cat [17]
  2. Coraline Cat [18]
  3. Mr. Fluffs Crochet Kitty [19]
  4. Hello Kitty Crocheted Witch [20]
  5. A Blue Crochet Kitty [15]
  6. Miss Hello Kitty [21]
  7. Teeny Kitty [22]
  8. Sporty Kitten [23]
  9. Cat and Mouse Toy [24]
  10. Kitten Toy [25] (knit)

Cat Inspired Crochet Accessories

Kitty Pocket Change Purse [26]Whether you need a cat inspired purse or a cat Crocheted Christmas ornament, these are the patterns for you.

  1. Kitty Pocket Change Purse [26]
  2. Cheshire Cat Applique [27]
  3. Cat Tea Cozy [28]
  4. The Calico Bag [29]
  5. Hello Kitty Locker Mirror [30]
  6. Kittens in a Row Scarf [31]
  7. Cute Kitty Ornament [32]

Outfits and Costumes for Cats

Don’t forget about the cats! Check out these cute and sometimes a bit silly crochet pet outfits.

  1. Candy Corn Pet Sweater [33]
  2. Mock Turtleneck Sweater for Cats [34]
  3. Santa Pet Sweater [35]
  4. Holiday Cat Collar [36]
  5. Cat Hoodie [37] (knit)
  6. Preppy Cat Vest [38] (knit)
  7. Lucky Cat Sweater [39] (knit)

The Cutest Handmade Cat Toys

Work up one of these cat toys and fill it with catnip to see your cat have a fun afternoon. These free patterns are great for using up bits of scrap yarn [40].

  1. Muffin’s Cat Ball [41]
  2. Sunshine’s New Toy [42]
  3. How To Crochet a Cat Toy [43]
  4. Halloween Cat Toy [44]
  5. Bumble Cat Toy [45] (knit)
  6. Tube Cat Toy [46] (knit)
  7. Catnip Bunnies [47] (knit)

Are you a crazy cat lady? Have you crocheted/knitted a cat inspired piece?