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Christmas Countdown: Favorite New Holiday Knitting Patterns


It’s never too early to start getting excited for Christmas [3]. When I was younger, the minute I finished the last piece of Halloween candy (often fighting off my brothers for the Snickers bars), my dreams were filled with sugar plums, fairies, and snow covered rooftops. There’s no doubt about it, my Christmas countdown started right around the same time department stores would put up glittering wreaths, [4] blinking lights, and over-power the racks of clothes with artificial pine scent from a can. But who can blame a kid for dreaming about the most wonderful time of the year? The house is always warm and full of wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, the streets are illuminated with millions of twinkling lights, and the neighborhoods are blanketed in beautiful, fluffy snow. With so many things to love about Christmas, it’s hard not to celebrate with a little holiday knitting. [5] Here are some of my favorite new Christmas knits [6] and easy knitting patterns [7] for you to try in preparation for when Santa comes to town.

Knit Home Décor [8]

Deck the Halls Throw [9] Santa Gnome Ornaments [10] Scarf Wrapped Wreath [11] Jolly Fireplace Stockings [12]One of my favorite things do to while growing up was helping my mom unpack Christmas decorations from the attic. Putting out candles, hanging lights, and dusting off old holiday knickknacks always put me in the holiday spirit. The Deck The Halls Throw [9], Santa Gnome Ornaments [10], Scarf Wrapped Wreath [11], and Jolly Fireplace Stocking [12] all remind me of beautiful, festive decorations my mom used to place around the house.

Knit Ornament Patterns [13]

Getting the tree was always a huge deal in my family. It couldn’t be too tall (we had low ceilings), but it couldn’t look like a bush, either. The branches had to be nice and full, and they absolutely couldn’t be too dry or else my mom would have a fit vacuuming. Picking out the perfect tree was a long process, but it was always worth the effort when we saw it all lit up. The Oh Christmas Tree [14], Finger Knit Letter Ornament [15], and the Despicable Me Santa Minion [16] are three charming ornaments you’ll love hanging on your perfect pine.

Oh Christmas Tree [14]Finger Knit Letter Ornament [15]Despicable Me Santa Minion [16]

Knit Party Accessories [17]

When I was growing up, it seemed like we had a holiday party to go to every single week of the month leading up to Christmas. I had one holiday party dress, and if I spilled on it, I was in big trouble.  Even though I had to be super careful with my kiddy cocktail, I always remember Christmas parties being so fun because everyone was so happy to be with everyone else. The Reindeer Christmas Cup Cozy [18], Bottle of Bubbly Striped Cozy [19], and Holiday Gift Card Holder [20] are perfect accessories to knit for all of your holiday parties.

Reindeer Christmas Cup Cozy [18]Bottle of Bubble Striped Cozy [19]Holiday Gift Card Holders [20]






My favorite Christmas decorations were always the ones that had a special story behind them. These charming Christmas knits will be passed down for years to come, and your kids (or grand kids) will know they were stitched with love.


Do you have a special family Christmas decoration?