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Craft for Fathers Day: 22 Free Homemade Gifts to Crochet


It can be hard to find the perfect gift idea for Father’s Day. Tickets to sporting events can get pricey, and how do you even begin to pick out a nice clothing outfit that he will actually wear? This year, save time and money by crocheting him something extra special. He will appreciate the extra effort you put into his gift, and he will definitely treasure it for years to come.

Find our favorite homemade gift to crochet for him [3] below. You’ll find a wide variety of patterns including crochet hat patterns, free crochet afghan patterns, and more.

[4]The 5 Best Homemade Gift Ideas Ever:

Surprise him this year with any one of these homemade gift ideas. They are unique, practical, and easy to make. He will love you forever if you surprise him with any one of these out-of-the-ordinary crocheted gifts.

  1. Crocheted Survival Keychain [5]
  2. Gopher Golf Club Cover [6]
  3. Tunisian Striped Tie [7]
  4. All-American Golf Club Covers [8]
  5. Easy Peasy Cigar Case [9]

Crochet Hat Patterns & Crocheted Scarves for Him


It may be summer right now, but winter will return before we know it. Any one of these crochet hat patterns and crocheted scarves will come in handy when the time comes. Plus, there are plenty of free crochet patterns below that are perfect for the summer months, as well. He can wear some of these crochet hat patterns to the baseball stadium this year, or keep the sun of out of his eyes on the golf course.

  1. Hubby’s Favorite Beanie [11]
  2. Little Man Scarf [12]
  3. Simple Baseball Cap [13]
  4. The Dude Scarf [14]
  5. Camouflage Scarf [15]
  6. Crochet Skull Cap [16]
  7. Da Beardhat [17]
  8. Fishing Bobber Beanie [10]
  9. Golf Course Cap [18]

[19]Manly Crochet Afghan Patterns

They might not be the first to admit it, but every guy needs the help of a blanket to stay warm at some point. Whether he’s trying not to shiver while cheering on his favorite sports team or actually wants to snuggle on the couch while playing video games or watching his favorite action flick, any one of these crochet afghan patterns will be sure to come in handy. Personalize any one of these crocheted afghans by using his favorite sports teams colors.

  1. Checkered Race Flag Blanket [20]
  2. Cozy Manghan [19]
  3. Manly Ripple Afghan [21]
  4. Spiderman Round Ripple Afghan [22]
  5. Super Mario Afghan [23]
  6. The Manly Square [24]
  7. Harley Davidson Afghan [25]
  8. Blackhawk Afghan [26]

For even more homemade gift ideas to crochet this year for Father’s Day, check out this amazing collection of 13 Crochet Father’s Day Gifts from our friends at AllFreeCrochet [3].

Are you planning on making a homemade gift for Father’s Day this year? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!