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Craft Show Best Sellers: Knit and Crochet


Hi Stitch and Unwind readers! Maggie here from Creative Income Blog [3]. I know that many of us who like to make often make too much because we love doing it so much! Giving away your creations to family and loved ones can be rewarding, but sometimes you even have too much to give away. If you do, maybe you’ve thought about signing up for a local arts and crafts show to sell some of your ¬†items. Craft shows are a great way to make a little extra pocket money and to loosen up your stash of finished crafts.

However, as much as we would all love to sell our biggest pieces, sometimes that’s just not practical – especially when it comes to yarn crafts. You may be most proud of the hand-knit angora cardigans you make, but sometimes the cotton coasters hiding in the back of your closet will be the best sellers at a big craft show. What it comes down to is pricing your crafts [4]. You don’t want to price anything too low, but too high might keep people from buying. To help you pick out the best items to sell at a craft show, we’ve pulled together a list of items that will help you make some money and still keep customers happy!

Craft Show Best Sellers:

Home Decor

When picking or making items to sell at a craft show, think small. Yarn can get expensive and that means that larger items can start to cost a lot [5] as well. Try sticking to smaller items like coasters, hand towels, and tea cozies!

watermelon-coaster [6] OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA [7] Multicolor-Circle-Bathroom-Towel [8]

Watermelon Knit Coaster  [6]
Flower Power Tea Cozy [7]
Crochet Circles Hand Towel [8]
Peacock Crochet Tea Cozy [9]
Lace Hand Towels [10]
California Roll Coasters [11]

Kid Friendly

Lots of people go to craft shows with their families. This means kids and grandkids will be walking around and “shopping” too! If you don’t have something for the kiddos at your booth, you’re missing out!

Lion-Finger-Puppet [12]bluebird [13]adorakable [14]

Crochet Lion Finger Puppet
Knit Bluebird [13]
Knitting Monster [14]
Crochet Dollhouse Rug [15]
Child-sized Crochet Beard [16]


Coin purses, make-up bags, and tech cases are all things that people need and are on the look out for. Plus, they’re small and easy to make – a definite benefit for the seller!

owl-coin-purse [17] pacman-phone-cozy [18] Multicolored-Kindle-Cover [19]

Crochet Owl Coin Purse Pattern [17]
Knit Pacman Phone Cozy [18]
Multicolored Kindle Cover [19]
Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse [20]
Knit Envelope Coin Purse

Remember, keep it small and simple. The best sellers are gift ideas and most things under $10. If you’re interested in learning more about selling your crafts, check out all the fun articles on Creative Income [3]! Oh, and we have a weekly newsletter [21] too that makes it even easier to keep in touch (8th one down on this list [21])!

Have you ever sold anything at a craft fair?