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Crazy for Cloches: 12 Easy Crochet Patterns


Crochet Cloche Hat [3]Each year when fall fashions start taking over, hats make an appearance in a big way. Whether handmade or store-bought, it’s trendy to keep your ears warm with a crochet hat [4], the chunkier the better. I’m usually a fan of the kind with giant pom-poms – there’s just something so cozy about bundling up with something slouchy and cute. Sometimes, though, the situation calls for something a little more elegant, like a work function, church, or a holiday party. In those situations, it’s okay to retire the more ridiculous hats [5] (only temporarily!) in favor of something classic and chic, like the cloche!

Cloches have been in style since the early 1900s, and since then they’ve surged in popularity a few times without ever really going out of style. There’s just something about that sleek silhouette that’s trendy no matter the season. A crochet cloche [3] is the perfect way to bring the style into the colder months, and these free, easy crochet patterns can help you do it! You’ll learn how to crochet a hat [6] that can keep you warm while still being totally fashionable.

Crazy for Cloches: 12 Easy Crochet Patterns [7]

Crochet Cloche Pattern [8]Kate Middleton Cloche [8]
1920s Cloche Crochet Hat [9]
Cozy Cloche Hat [10]
Snowflake Crochet Cloche [11]
Stylish Crochet Hat [12]
Caramel Cloche Crochet Hat [13]
Classic Slouchy Cloche [14]
Daisy’s Cloche Crochet Hat [15]
Calleigh Cloche [16]
Simple Crochet Cloche [17]
Skylark Cloche Hat [18]
Crochet Cloche Hat [19]

What’s your favorite style of hat to wear?