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The Crochet Bag for Every Occasion


I went shopping at a strip mall the other day and noticed all the beach bags on sale as the season is coming to an end. It makes me really sad by the way how early we start planning for the next season when we’re only halfway done with the current season. What if I want to buy a bathing suit and they’re all gone because the fall clothes are starting to come out?

Anywho, as I saw the beach bags I looked at my own bag and thought why don’t I make my own crochet bag [3]? Free crochet bag patterns are so much fun to search around for. There are so many crochet stitches out there that can make the same bag look completely different. And don’t get me started at how many bags and purses I have in my closet; I need one for every occasion and you do, too. Let’s see what kind of fun and unique crochet tote bag patterns and purses we can whip up in this collection.

The Crochet Bag for Every Occasion

A Crochet Bag for Every Occasion

The Tote

The infamous crochet tote bag pattern [4] is perfect to tote around just about anywhere. This is my favorite type of bag to carry when I’m shopping or going to the beach. They’re usually big enough to store just about everything I need.


Striped Ombre Tote Bag [5]

Striped Ombre Tote Bag [5]

Easy Crochet Tote [6]

Smell the Roses Crochet Tote [7]

Large Buckle Tote [8]

The Backpack

The kids will be going back to school shortly if they haven’t already gone back. They’re always looking for that cool backpack that everyone else has, but why not make them their very own unique crocheted backpack [9] like the ones we have here!

Floral Fiesta Backpack [10]

Perfect Crocheted Backpack [11]

Floral Fiesta Backpack [10]

Rainbow Dragon Bag [12]

Cherry Blossom Backpack [13]

The Clutch

Get ready for date night or your best friend’s wedding with a magical crochet clutch [14] that will complete your attire. Use a single crochet color to complement your little black dress or use a few different colors to give the design a bit of edge.

Gotta Go Clutch [15]

Gotta Go Crochet Clutch [15]

Chain Edge Raffia Crochet Clutch [16]

Girlie Bowtie Clutch [17]

Colorful Crochet Clutch [18]

Red Rose Crochet Clutch [19]


The Market Bag

Crocheted market bags are great for grocery shopping and of course, going to the market. There’s plenty of space for fresh apples and all the essentials you need for the week. Even if you need just a few ticket items, a market bag is fun to work up and use every time you head out.

Sunny Days Market Bag [20]

Sunny Days Market Bag [20]

Grocery Tote Bag [21]

Linen Grocery Tote [22]

Berries and Sunshine Mini Market Tote [23]


Do you have a bag or tote for every occasion?