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5 Crochet Blogs I Really Admire


5 Crochet Blogs I Really Admire

Some bloggers just do it right. And these five rock their crochet blogs with such gusto and panache and general good-heartedness, I just couldn’t help but give them a shout-out. So let’s all raise a hook to these five fine entrepreneurs in our crochet community! Here’s to you all for helping craft a creative, generous (free crochet patterns!), and mutually beneficial online “neighborhood” as you promote your businesses by doing what you love. Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is a list of five of what I consider to be the best crochet blogs:

Crochet Blogs I Really Admire [3]

Crochet Blogs I Really Admire

1. The Lindsey Life [4]

What is The Lindsey Life all about? Well, in her own words, it “focuses on three guiding principles: constantly create, overcome obstacles, live and laugh.” Principles to live by, that’s for sure! Lindsey’s kind and positive nature infuses her whole site and all her free crochet patterns with a genuine warmth that complements her multi-faceted creativity. If only all websites were as enjoyable to visit!

Doubles and Stripes Afghan Square [5]

Doubles and Stripes Afghan Square – thelindseylife.com

Small Flower Afghan Square [6]

Small Flower Afghan Square – thelindseylife.com

2. MJ’s Off the Hook Designs [7]

MJ’s Off the Hook Designs is an awesome example of how to make your hobby into a supremely successful business. Michelle is a busy mom of four kiddos who turned her Nan’s teachings and love of yarn into a career. Her blog is the epitome of high style, yet it remains approachable with free crochet patterns that are as stunning as they are free!

Super Bulky Chevron Tassel Throw [8]

Super Bulky Chevron Tassel Throw – mjsoffthehookdesigns.com

Baby High Tops Set With FREE Chevron Stitch Blanket Pattern [9]

Baby High Tops Set With FREE Chevron Stitch Blanket Pattern – mjsoffthehookdesigns.com

3. Maki Crochet Patterns [10]

Maki, the talented and positive-energy-filled woman behind Maki Crochet Patterns, designs and hooks some of the most stunning crochet projects in the world. And I say that to be accurate rather than hyperbolic because Maki is from and currently resides in a small town on the Croatian coast. Thank goodness for the internet that enables our global crochet community to enjoy her beautiful, free crochet patterns!

Beary Cute Ripple Baby Blanket [11]

Beary Cute Ripple Baby Blanket – makicrochetpatterns.com

4. Cosy Crochet [12]

Cosy Crochet is another member of our global crochet community. From her home in England, Vicky dreams up hyper-creative and just down right fun designs! From blankets to baby play mats to under-the-sea dioramas of clam shells and mermaids, Vicky’s work is an inspirational example of why we all started hooking in the first place: for the fun of it!

Coral Playmat [13]

Coral Playmat – cosycrochet.co.uk

Crochet Sealife Blanket Pattern [14]

Crochet Sealife Blanket Pattern – cosycrochet.co.uk

5. Two Hearts Crochet [15]

The brains behind Two Hearts Crochet is Alex, a self-described “Crochet Guru” and “Nerd Queen” who lets her “nerd flag fly” with all sorts of wonderful and unique “crochet geekery”! That self-description is satisfyingly spot on! One word for ya: “graphghans.” 🙂 Alex’s mission is to spread the love through crochet and of crochet, and with Two Hearts reaching over 170 countries, I’d say she’s accomplishing her worthy goals!

The Dino Graphghan [16]

The Dino Graphghan – twoheartscrochet.com

Game of Thrones Graphghan [17]

Game of Thrones Graphghan – twoheartscrochet.com

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Now, do tell: What are some of your favorite crochet blogs out there? Let us know below in the comments!