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Go High-Tech With These Crochet Electronics Patterns


Take the traditional hobby of crochet and combine it with high-tech gear, and what do you get? Crochet tablet cases, laptop sleeves, and so much more, of course! If you thought crochet was limited to creating scarves, cowls, and socks, then you need to discover the creative and amazing world of crochet electronics patterns. With a bit of imagination and some yarn, you can create a custom crochet cozy for electronics [3].

There’s more to think about than just smartphones and laptops, too. You can crochet sleeves and cozies for eReaders, headphones, and MP3 players. And if you hate how hard it is to text while wearing mittens, then you’ll love the on-trend fingerless glove patterns [4] that are available.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a crochet tablet cover or crochet laptop sleeve. Yarn in a light weight might not provide enough protection to keep your expensive gear safe from bumps and falls. Yarn with a heavier weight, as well as yarn that is crocheted with a tight tension, may be a better option; however, you can and should still use a protective sleeve on your electronic device. Many of the following crochet electronics patterns can be adjusted to fit the dimensions of almost any tablet or phone. Although you can get a more accurate fit by putting the phone or tablet into your project as you go, you can also look at the manufacturer’s website for the product’s exact dimensions.

Crochet tablet covers, headphone covers, and other items are a fun way to create a custom gift for that person on your list who already has everything. For a truly personalized look, use yarn in the color of the recipient’s alma mater or favorite sports team. Don’t forget to include a button! A decorative and super fashionable button can make just about any electronics cozy a truly unique accessory. These patterns tend to be easy to make, so you could use these crochet electronics patterns as last-minute gift ideas. Before embarking on a project to create that perfect crochet laptop sleeve for someone, double-check that you know which model of electronics your pattern will cover.

Go High-Tech With These Crochet Electronics Patterns [3]

Crochet tablet sleeves, phone cozies, and so much more! Clockwise from top left: Easiest Crochet iPad Mini Cozy, Character Cozies, Rainbow Bubble Tablet Sleeve, Flower Power Crochet Ear Muffs

Dive in and get started with the list of patterns that we at AllFreeCrochet [5] have compiled!

Crochet Electronics Patterns for Tablets and Phones

Keep your favorite high-tech gear safe when you crochet these cute and colorful patterns.

  1. Rainbow Bobble Tablet Sleeve [6] — This pattern is so colorful, it’ll be hard to ever misplace your tablet!
  2. Spirited iPad Crochet Cozy [7] — Need a gift idea for the sports fan in your life? This tablet crochet cozy just might be the answer.
  3. Sunburst Tablet Sleeve [8] — I think you’ll agree this sleeve is as bright as a ray of sunshine!
  4. Easiest Crochet iPad Mini Cozy [9] — Make one of these for a friend, then make a second of this pattern for your own use.
  5. Crochet Lego Phone Case [10] — Anyone who loves LEGO bricks (or at least not stepping on them) needs this phone case.
  6. Character Cozies [11] — Calling all Minions fans! This crochet pattern is for YOU!
  7. Herringbone Phone Cover [12] — Sleek and stylish, this crochet pattern would make a great gift idea for a teacher.
  8. Instagram-Inspired Cell Phone Case [13] — You’ll want to make this phone cover for anyone in your life who lives on Instagram.

Crochet Laptop Sleeves, Fingerless Gloves, and More

Don’t forget to make items for the rest of your gear! You’ll love these patterns for crochet headphone covers, laptop sleeves, and so much more.

  1. Flower Power Crochet Ear Muffs [14] — This pair can be used to cover headphones, too.
  2. Headphone Hat [15] — Did someone say Star Wars? This crochet headphone hat features a design inspired by Princess Leia. May the Force be with you!
  3. Felted Striped Reader Purse [16] — Tote your eReader in style or even your favorite paperback novel (remember those?) with this cute purse.
  4. Multicolored Kindle Cover [17] — This crochet Kindle cover is super colorful and will be so much fun to create!
  5. iPhone or iPod Purse [18] — Bring your favorite music with you anywhere you go with this adorable pattern.
  6. Crocheted Laptop Case [19] — Show your laptop some love by crocheting a case for it.
  7. V Stitch Crochet Laptop Sleeve [20] — From the floral applique on top to the timeless crochet V-stitch, this laptop sleeve is sleek and stylish.
  8. Simple and Easy Keyboard Duster [21] — What a cute way to keep your electronics gear clean!
  9. Fingerless Gloves Crochet Patterns [4] — Text away to your heart’s content when you wear crochet fingerless gloves.

What is your favorite crochet electronics pattern?