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Get Fit with These 14 Crochet Patterns for Workout Gear


Do you ever look at some of the workout gear for sale and think “Nope”? Unflattering fits, ugly color schemes, and clothes that aren’t quite as long as you’d like are just some of the reason why you might feel disheartened when shopping in a sporting goods store. There’s got to be a way to get fitness gear that looks stylish, right? As a crocheter, you have plenty of options to create something that is to your personal style. All you need to do is follow these crochet patterns for workout gear [3]. Don’t forget the workout accessories! From yoga mats to water bottle carriers, you can tote your gear in style using an assortment of crochet patterns just for workout clothes and gear.

You’ll need to keep the purpose of your workout gear in mind when selecting the right yarn for your project. Worsted weight yarn would be ideal for workout plans that tend to be more low-key and relaxed. However, if you will work up a sweat while taking part in activities that include running or hiking, then look to using wool yarn in your project. Visibility is another factor to consider, especially if you work out at night or when lighting is dim. With that in mind, use reflective yarn (yes, that’s really a thing!) in your projects for bike helmets and other gear. Taking some time to research the types of yarn that will work for your fitness clothing and accessories can help you create the right project that fits your needs.

We here at AllFreeCrochet [4] have compiled a list of crochet patterns that you can wear to your next yoga class or while hiking this weekend. These sporty crochet patterns are also the perfect gift ideas for the athletic person in your life. Customizing a pattern with the recipient in mind couldn’t be easier, as you can incorporate their favorite colors and adjust the pattern size for a perfect fit.

Get Fit with These 14 Crochet Patterns for Workout Gear [5]

From left to right: Yoga Bag, Funkilicious Yoga Socks, and Trendy Triangles Water Bottle Holder

Crochet patterns for workout gear: Yoga socks, headbands, ear warmers, and more!

  1. Yoga Crochet Socks [6] — Perfect for that sunrise yoga class!
  2. Funkilicious Yoga Socks [7] — These are super colorful
  3. Bike Helmet Ear Warmers [8] — Cold ears will be in the rearview mirror when you wear these ear warmers on your next bike ride
  4. Reflective Ear Warmer [9] — Sport this ear warmer on your next run or when you hit the ski slopes!
  5. Runners’ Reflective Headband [10] — Anyone who considers the outdoors their gym will love this headband, which is made with reflective yarn
  6. Men’s Cabled Golf Cap [11] — Hit the links with some serious style with this cute golf cap. Don’t let the name fool you, as this pattern can be made for women, too!
  7. Amazing Grace Bathing Suit Wrap [12] — Step out of the pool and into this cute wrap after your morning swim
  8. Child’s Swim Suit Cover Up [13] — Your little one can cover up after swim class, too

Stock your gym bag with crochet workout gear

  1. Stashbuster Safety Helmet Backpack [14] —Your child can tote her helmet and you can make a dent in your yarn stash!
  2. Yoga Bag [15] — What a cool way to carry your yoga mat!
  3. Trendy Triangles Water Bottle Holder [16] — Tote your water bottle in style with this pattern
  4. Making Waves Water Bottle Holder [17] — Love how this pattern is so bright and colorful!
  5. Reflective Bike Helmet Cover [18] — Add some personality and style to your child’s bike helmet
  6. Gopher Golf Club Cover [19] — “Caddyshack,” anyone? This pattern will also make a great Father’s Day gift!

Need to clean off your fitness crochet patterns? Learn all about how to care for your crochet projects and find the best ways to keep your items looking fresh and new!

What is your favorite workout accessory to crochet?