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5 Crochet Problems — And How To Solve Them


Burnout. Confusion. Lack of confidence. Sound familiar? There’s more to crochet than simply counting stitches, as your emotions can sometimes get in the way of how you approach a crochet pattern. Whatever you do, don’t give up crochet for good. Take a look at these tips on how to move past common crochet problems.

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

If you’ve spent the last few weeks in a marathon crochet session or have completed a project that didn’t go at all to plan, you might feel burned out, have low confidence, and might even think of putting away your crochet hook for good. While it’s normal for one’s interest in a hobby to ebb and flow, that doesn’t mean you need to give up crochet entirely. To get over the slump, and fast, work on a crochet pattern that’s quick [3] to make. The speed and simplicity of such a project means you can complete a design within an afternoon while also restoring your confidence.

Losing Interest In The Project

You’ve put in time, money, and effort into crocheting a sweater, only to realize halfway through the project that you no longer like the pattern. Should you ditch all of that hard work? Nope! Projects can be reworked with just some modification. A shawl could be turned into a smaller scarf, while a cape could be converted into a blanket. And if you’re really stuck, you could always unravel the project and reuse the yarn in another pattern. If you have a work in progress that you don’t want to unravel, then consider bringing the pattern and materials to your local crochet club. There may be someone who will enjoy the challenge of working on a project that’s already in progress, or can help you through a tricky part of the design.

Confusing Crochet Patterns

Missing information, directions that seem to contradict what you expect, and an inaccurate list of materials may make it difficult for you to follow a crochet pattern. It’s frustrating, especially if you don’t realize the pattern is flawed until you’re halfway through the work. Not all hope is lost, though. If the pattern is online, consider reaching out to the website’s administrative team and ask for clarification. If that’s not possible, you could look for similar patterns online and rework your project.

Crochet Pattern Is Too Difficult

Pushing yourself to try new skills is part of any hobby. However, sometimes you may realize you’ve challenged yourself a little too much. Making the leap from crocheting a simple scarf to creating a sweater in a complicated design may lead to frustration and possibly even giving up crochet for good. What you can do is unravel the yarn and try a crochet pattern that’s more in line with your skills. Instead of crocheting a sweater, perhaps you can make a pretty shawl or cowl.

Also, learn more about crochet basics with Types of Yarn and Yarn Weights [4] and Types of Crochet Hooks [5]. Understanding the supplies you are using will help you understand more about any project and keep you interested!

Disorganized Patterns And Materials

The crochet scarf you’re working on is…somewhere. And the yarn you bought to make a new shawl is….somewhere else. If you’re crochet materials are disorganized, you might be wasting money on materials you don’t need (but can’t seem to find) and losing projects that you could finish, if only you could just find them. Implementing a system and using organization hacks that work for you can help you in the long run. For example, a plastic storage container can be filled with your yarn, patterns, and hooks, while a spreadsheet can help you keep track of your projects’ progress and prioritize patterns.

Don’t give up on crochet just because of a few bumps in the road. Taking time to assess the problem can help you figure out what went wrong — and how to find a solution. The following projects found on AllFreeCrochet [6] can help you get back on the path to success.

How about tangled yarn help? It’s here with this tutorial on How to Untangle Yarn [7].

5 Crochet Problems — And How To Solve Them [3]

Get past your slump by working on quick and easy crochet patterns! From left: ZigZag Bracelet, 60 Minute Ribbed Crochet Scarf, Moonlight Ear Warmer, and Fancy Spa Organizer

Solve Your Crochet Problems With Quick And Easy Crochet Patterns

Rekindle your interest in crochet by working on a project that’s quick and easy. These projects are a fast way to boost your confidence in crochet.

  1. 60 Minute Ribbed Crochet Scarf [8] — The only thing standing between you and a new accessory is one hour!
  2. Thick & Quick Bumpy Scrubby [9] — You could make this project on your lunch break.
  3. Moonlight Ear Warmer [10] — Watch your favorite TV show while you make this ear warmer.
  4. One Hour Spike Stitch Cowl [11] — This design is super stylish and will be so warm to wear, too.
  5. Reflections Fingerless Gloves [12] — It’s not too late to make this trendy style of gloves.
  6. ZigZag Bracelet [13] — Need new accessories? These bracelets are super easy to make.
  7. Crochet Beginner One Hour Cowl [14] — Are you new to crochet? This super easy and super quick pattern may be just the design for you.
  8. Festive Crochet Cup Cozy [15] — Keep this pattern in mind the next time you need to create a last-minute holiday gift.
  9. Scrapbuster Crochet Juggling Balls [16] — This pattern hits the trifecta, as it is quick, easy, and uses leftover yarn.

Crochet Pattern Organization Ideas

Make it easy to find your materials and projects in progress when you use these crochet organization hacks.

  1. Free Crochet Tips and Tricks: Organization Ideas, How to Crochet On the Go, How to Change Color, and More [17] — This ebook offers plenty of ideas on how you can keep your crochet materials organized and ready for use.
  2. Crochet Hook Travel Case [18] — Find your crochet hooks any time you need them when you make this travel case.
  3. Fancy Spa Basket [19] — This organizer could also keep your favorite crochet materials easy to find.
  4. Grape Cordial Crochet Basket [20] — Store your current projects in this super colorful basket!
  5. 15 Crochet Organization Hacks for a New Year [21]— Even more ideas on how to keep your jumble of projects and materials organized.

What is your best solution to a common crochet problem?