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Crocheted Newborn Booties – Free Pattern


Image shows crocheted newborn booties that are very cute and easy to make.

Hi, it’s me, Habiba from Craftify My Love. As you probably already figured, I luuuuurve crafting<3 . And as much as I love crafting, I LOVE the fact that sooooo many of my friends are preggo right now or had their babies in the last couple of months. I really do! Because who doesn’t love the miracle of new life, right? I always want to welcome those precious little bundles to our world and give them something that will make them feel all cozy and warm (like the crocheted newborn booties you’ll learn how to make in this post) and if they look cute while being all comfortable that’s a bonus, too!

From my experience, freshly baked mums really love it, when they get practical and one of a kind presents.

  1. It shows them that you thought about what they really might be needing in this new phase of their life and
  2. that you made an effort and not simply bought something of the rack.

Of course mamas also love it, when they get something to pamper themselves and not just things for the new earthling. That’s why I always try to give them a little something for the babe and something for the mom! In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how to make the little something for the babe, though.

Gifts for the new earthlings

I started making crocheted newborn hats [3]. They are easy and quick to make and I love that they are so very versatile. Depending on the thickness or color of wool you use, you’ll get a different hat every time. And by choosing different applications, you just make them that extra bit unique. #daretobedifferent

Now I figured, a newborn doesn’t only need a warm head, right? It also needs warm tiny little feet! I found a pattern for crocheted newborn booties I liked over at Ashleighs blog Sewrella [4] and altered it slightly. That’s a thing I do…I aaaaaaalways get creative while working on my projects and end up having a DIY that is simply Habiba 🙂  Most of the times this is on purpose of course but sometimes it simply happens by accident (more about that later 😉 ).

Show your love on Mothers Day!

My British friend Terry is pregnant with her first baby boy and I wanted to send her something for Mothers Day.  Because that’s what she is now, A Mother. Even though her little man is still in her womb. Mothers Day in the UK was on 26th March this year. As it is earlier than in Germany (where I live) or the US, I figured that I’ll share this idea with you as you’ll still have enough time to make these little crocheted newborn booties – and maybe a matching hat as well!

Crocheted newborn booties – free pattern

Image shows crocheted newborn booties that are very cute and easy to make.
Materials needed:


Crocheted Newborn Booties:

Now repeat for the second crocheted newborn bootie BUT start with COLOR B!

Accessory for the matching newborn hat

Image shows crocheted newborn hat that are very cute and easy to make.

For the matching newborn hat [3] I found this easy tutorial for a star appliqué from Ani Tugushi on YouTube. As you can see it’s supposed to be a 5-pointed star. And you can also see in my photos, that I (accidentally) made a 7-pointed star, even though I started out counting and all…but then I got side tracked and I really don’t know what happened (Ok – I do! Numbers and counting are just not my thang – big eyeroll hahaha) – but in the end I made ‘A Unique Habiba-Star’ and decided to work with it! See? Nothing wrong with messing things up every now and then…the outcome is still fabulous!

Ani Tugushi – Star Applique

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel massively inspirited now to get up and running, finding some wool and a hook and get to work on your next little project! By the way, this tutorial on how to make crocheted newborn booties was my very first guest post and I am awfully curious what you’ll have to say about it!


PS: Don’t forget to pin this tutorial so you won’t lose it!

Image shows crocheted newborn hat and booties that are very cute and easy to make.