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Super Cute Crochet Patterns: Adorable Amigurumi + Giveaway


Have you ever attempted to crochet Amigurumi patterns [3]? There are so many different little characters you can make and fall in love with. They are great projects to have on hand when you need something quick to work, and easy to carry around.  Kids and adults alike love these fun little toys, so you’ll be asked to make so many.  I’ve collected a few of my favorite free crochet amigumui patterns [4] for you, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.  I have a handful of little nieces and nephews with birthdays coming up, and they’re each getting their own handmade crochet toy [5].  I know that they’ll just love them so much!

SuperCuteCrochetPatterns [4]


Crochet-Groot_Small_ID-796484 [15]

There are so many different places to find inspiration when it comes to crochet. From the food you eat to the movies you watch, the pattern possibilities are literally endless.  Check out this collection of the best pop culture Amigurumi Patterns [15] for even more inspiration.




As you can see, these cute critters are just adorable.  Whether you are making a sweet creature or a fun pop culture character you can keep them for yourself or give them as gifts.



cute-critter-crochet_Medium_ID-860651 [16]

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If you need even more inspiration, check out Cute Critter Crochet by Maki Oomachi [16].

Grab your hook, some yarn and cozy up with this book on the couch! The hours will fly by as you make these wonderful amigurumi patterns.  As soon as you open this book, you will be impressed with the variety of patterns to choose from. Not only are the patterns and instructions in this book clearly written and easy to follow, but each pattern has an amigurumi chart that you may follow, as well.

If you would like to win your own copy, be sure to check out the full review [16]. Enter to win and you’ll be hooking up a menagerie of Cute Critters in no time at all!


What kind of Cute Critter are you most excited to try?