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DIY Headbands for Any Season


As I sit and write this post I can’t help but think the spring season has officially arrived. The sun is gleaming, the office is toasty, yet there are mounds of snow on the ground and we’re just barely over zero degrees. I’ve gone through months of the winter season and I have yet to complain about the cold, but all of a sudden I think spring fever has hit. I’ve been looking at doing a spring photo shoot with my toddler and all that comes to mind are all the girls crochet headbands out there. If only she would leave things in her hair, we wouldn’t have an issue. I’ve made crochet headband patterns in the past; they’re super easy to work up. When learning how to crochet a headband [3] there really isn’t much to it. Most of the patterns are pretty straight forward. What I had the most difficult time with was crocheting around a plastic headband. If you’re simply working up a flexible headband for an infant, I find those much easier than doing the “work around” method. In any case, DIY headbands can be worked up for any time of year. Switch up your yarn weights and crochet colors and you can have multiple crochet headband patterns [4] for every season. Here are some of my favorites that can easily be yours, too.

headbands [5]


Happy Day Headband [6]DIY Headbands for Spring

  1. Baby Flower Headband [7]
  2. Flower Bud Headband [8]
  3. Rosy Baby Crochet Headband [9]
  4. Happy Day Headband [6]



Hairpin Lace Headband [10]DIY Headbands for Summer

  1. 15 Minute Headband [11]
  2. Baby Headband with Flowers [12]
  3. Easy Elastic Headband [13]
  4. Shabby Chic Headband [14]
  5. Blue Bow Headband [15]
  6. Simple One Skein Headband [16]
  7. Summertime Floral Headband [17]
  8. Hairpin Lace Crochet Headband [10]



Seed Stitch Baby Headband [18]DIY Headbands for Fall

  1. Super Simple Headband [19]
  2. Seed Stitch Baby Headband [18]
  3. Headband with Button [20]
  4. Crochet Fall Headband [21]
  5. Scalloped Headband [22]



African Flower Headband [23]DIY Headbands for Winter

  1. Wildly Warm Crochet Headband [24]
  2. Rosy Red Headband [25]
  3. African Flower Headband [23]
  4. Crochet Owl Headband [26]
  5. Shell Stitch Headband [27]


*BONUS NEW FREE DIY Crochet Headbands Patterns!*

  1. 3-Strand-Crochet-Headband_ArticleImage-CategoryPage_ID-717095 [28]Bloomswirl Crochet Headband [29]
  2. Retro Pin Up Headband [30]
  3. Love That Anthro Headband Braid [31]
  4. Daisy Flower Crown Crochet Pattern [32]
  5. 3 Strand Crochet Headband [28]




What season do you like wearing headbands the most?