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DIY Home Decor: Crochet Your Home


Guest Post by Jessie Rayot of JessieAtHome.com [3]

DIY Home Decor Crochet Patterns [4]

I’m sure nearly every crochetaholic has a crochet afghan in their home. But have you ever thought about decorating your home with more than just an afghan or ten? It can be a lot of fun, and can really bring a cozy and inviting look to your home when done well.


Last month we renovated my first grader’s room. We didn’t have a large budget, which meant we had to find thrifty ways to make it her dream room. I knew I was going to have to create a lot of the décor myself.  Here is what I learned from that experience.


Have a theme ~ It can be a color pallet, a style, your favorite movie; but you need a way to tie everything together. Our theme was pink princess/castle room.


Figure out what you need, and then figure out which of those items can be created with yarn. Kyla’s room needed a rug. So I held 4 strands of worsted weight yarn together and knit her a rug [5]. A princess needs lots of pillows! Thankfully I have a collection of throw pillows to re-cover, so I grabbed a few and knit and crocheted some new covers. I still have a few more to make for her. Here is the pattern for the crochet Fan Stitch Pillow Cover [6].

Pillow Cover [6]

Remember that some things don’t need to be made of yarn. Like Kyla’s curtains. It would have just been too much.


Now take another look at your room. Is there something that needs a little…more? Something that looks bare or just doesn’t fit in? Kyla had a large, but rather plain, mirror. I had picked up some fun pink and gold novelty yarn on sale, so I improvised a curtain for the mirror, which also allowed me to use the giant tassels she had insisted I buy at the fabric store!

Mirror Decor [4]

Know when to stop; or have someone who will tell you when to stop. I was going to crochet a cover for the dresser, but my husband pointed out she will just cover it with “stuff” anyway. I think it was his kind way of telling me there was enough yarn in the room.


Kyla loves her room, and it does not look like a “homemade” room. It looks like a pink princess room!


I’ll leave you with a few other ideas for your home:


Blooming Flower Coaster [7] ~ Make some coasters, or make some bunting!

Circle to Triangle Bunting [8] ~ This bunting currently decorates my stair banisters, helping to break up the solid white look in that part of the house.

USA Crochet Bunting [9] ~ Make this with some yarn that can stand up to the weather and use it to decorate your porch or front trees!

Welcoming Wavy Crochet Rug [10] ~ I LOVE the cozy look of cotton knit or crochet items in a bathroom.

Crochet Car Pillow Pal [11] ~ It’s just so cute!!

Chevron Crochet Curtains [12] ~ OK, these are curtains I would actually make.


Have you crocheted any home decor?