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DIY Spring Cleaning Tools to Knit and Crochet


Winter comes and I look forward to snuggling under a crochet afghan [3] while I finish my knit holiday gifts.  After a while, though, it because tiresome and the house loses that warm and snuggly feeling and just begins to feel stuff and closed in. The first day after a long winter that I am able to throw all the windows and doors in the house open air the place out is a joyous occasion.  The fresh air breezing through the house is refreshing and cleansing, clearing out the stale winter “funk” that comes with keeping the house closed up tight against the elements.  As soon as I get the chance to do this, it also lights a fire in my motivation circuits and I’m put into “Spring Cleaning Mode [4].”  I clean the house top to bottom, but I get frustrated that I always run out of purchased scrubbies, dusters and wet mop towels.  Finally, I realized that I didn’t have to use disposable products; all I needed was my hook/needles and some sturdy cotton yarn and I’d have all these things on hand no matter what season it is.  From knit dish clothes to scrub walls and dishes, or reusable floor mop covers.

springcleaning [5]

Free Crochet Spring Cleaning Patterns

Sweeper Cover or Mop [6]

Simple and Easy Keyboard Duster [7]

Spring Cleaning Scrubbies [8]

Plarn n Yarn Pot Scrubber [9]

Free Knitting Spring Cleaning Patterns

Mop Cover [10]

Peach Paradise Mop Cover [11]

Reusable Duster [12]

Chevron Scrubby Mitts [13]

What is your favorite Spring cleaning tip?