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DIY Wall Art: Yarn Tapestries, Hangings, and More


There’s nothing quite as exciting, daunting, or satisfying as filling a gaping blank space on your walls. Still, selecting your artwork can prompt some anxious questions. Will you use family photos, classic prints, or new age paintings? Maybe an ironic thrift store find or some DIY canvas art? Don’t feel baffled by these art mediums. Stick with what you know and create a beautiful display of fiber art [3]!

DIY Wall Art

DIY Wall Art

Don’t limit your yarn to knitting or crocheting–let your favorite fibers grace your walls. Fill your blank wall space with rich textures and intriguing weaves. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY fiber displays from around the web. We hope you’ll check out these fellow yarnies’ blogs and make your own yarn wall art!

Awesome Ampersand Wall Decoration [4] (Pictured Above) – Make a bold statement on your walls with this amazing “&”. Try knitting on the wire for this surprisingly easy DIY wall art.


DIY Nail and Yarn Wall Art from Jen Loves Kev [5]

DIY Nail and Yarn Wall Art from Jen Loves Kev

DIY Nail and Yarn Wall Art [5] (Pictured) – Try this fun and wallet-friendly yarn wall art from Jen Loves Kev [6]. Add intrigue to your walls with a few nails and the remnants of your favorite skeins. Mix up your letters with different colors and textures of yarn.

Copper Pipe Wall Hanging DIY [7] – This rustic industrial wall hanging combines soft cotton piping and streamlined copper for a perfect juxtaposition. This wonderfully contradictory piece comes from the lovely sisters at A Beautiful Mess [8].


No-Knit DIY Wall Hanging [9]

No-Knit DIY Wall Hanging

No-Knit DIY Wall Hanging [9] (Pictured) – Do you want the hottest bohemian styles without the upscale price tag? Try this phenomenal and inspired wall art tutorial from Salvage and Stitch [10]. Similar wall weaves from the designers at Cold Picnic can cost up to $1000! Instead, try this whimsical wall art hack for just $25!

DIY Woven Wall Hanging [11] – We love this intricate weave from Honestly WTF? [12] If you have experience with weaving or looms, try this sophisticated piece for a seventies inspired wall hanging.

Fabric Wall Hanging [13] – What a great idea for a girly bedroom! If you like to sew, whether you’re an expert or a beginner you can make a fabric wall hanging. It featured a 3D (!!!) fabric flower that’s a perfect little piece of soothing decor. Use this sewing tutorial to spruce up your walls with fabric.


DIY Yarn Art from Oleander and Palm [14]

DIY Yarn Art from Oleander and Palm

DIY Yarn Art [14] (Pictured) – While we love the fresh urban trends above, weaving looms and plastic canvases can seem a little complicated. Try this tutorial from Oleander and Palm [15] for quick, easy yarn art. Bring nature into your home with this earthy birch branch and add pops of color with your favorite yarns. Simply loop and trim for earthy, elegant, and economical wall art.




Our Editors’ Picks

Mandala Wall Art [16] – This quirky mandala combines treble stitches with simple chains and single crochets. Choose 1-9 colors that you love! This mandala/doily is truly a delightful stash busting project. It will look gorgeous on your wall!

Boho Chic Crochet Wall Hanging [17] – Spruce up your home with this Boho Chic Crochet Wall Hanging. Visitors will be wowed when they see this beautiful navy, cream, and light pink crochet wall hanging! The hexagons and soft tassels are perfect for anyone who loves a laid-back style.

Crocodile Stitch: DIY Crochet Wall Art [18] – This soft, scaly wall art is perfect for any reptile-lover. It would be equally good in a little boy’s nursery! Reminiscent of slimy crocodile scales, this super-cute, boyish wall art is an easy project for any crocheter.

Are you moving into a new space or revamping your tired decor? Check out the patterns AllFreeKnitting [19] for gorgeous woven rugs [20], knit pillows [21], and more [3]!


What type of yarn wall art would you use to fill your blank walls?