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Doggone Cute! Dog Lovers’ Crochet and Knitting Pattern Round-Up


Doggone Cute! Dog Lovers' Crochet and Knitting Pattern Round Up [3]Dogs are man’s best friend for so many reasons. If you’ve been lucky enough to own a dog in your life, you know that these animals hold a special place in your heart. As knitters and crocheters, you’re going to love these doggone cute free patterns [4]!

Dog-Inspired Afghans

These crochet afghan patterns [5] feature cute dogs that you can customize to look like your favorite pooch just by changing yarn colors. You can ever crochet the Puppy Dog Throw [6] for a cute blanket that features dog houses.

  1. Cuddle Dog Afghan [7]
  2. Puppy Dog Lovey Blanket [8]
  3. Puppy Dog Throw [6]
  4. Scotty Dog Chart Motif [9]

Puppy Hats for Kids

The growing trend among kids and adults alike are animal hats [10]! Wear these cute crochet hats all winter long and make one for the kids for Christmas.

  1. Precious Puppy Dog Hat [11]
  2. Puppy Dog Earflap Hat [12]

Dog Stuffed Animal Patterns

LollyPup Amigurumi [13]If you love dogs as much as I do, you’ll love these patterns to make your own crochet or knit dogs.

  1. Amigurimi Style Pug [14]
  2. Ghost Dog [15]
  3. Adorable Yorkie Amigurimi [16]
  4. Funmigurumi Poochie Dog No. 6: Baxter [17]
  5. LollyPup Amigurumi [13]
  6. Pomp Poodle in Pink [18]
  7. Knit Your Own Jack Russell [19] (knit)
  8. Adorable Knit Puppy [20] (knit)

Gotta Love Dogs!

Man's Best Friend Coffee Cozy [21]If you’re looking for a Tea Cozy, and ornament featuring your favorite furry friend, or a coffee cup cozy, you’ve come to the right place!

  1. Poodle Tea Cozy [22]
  2. Christmas Chihuahua Ornament [23]
  3. Man’s Best Friend Coffee Cozy [21]

Crochet and Knit Sweaters for Dogs

Dogs, especially little dogs, can get chilly in the winter. Before the weather starts to get really cold, crochet or knit one of these sweaters [24] for your little guy and he or she will look adorable prancing through the snow.Basket of Daisies Dog Sweater [25]

  1. Crocheted Dog Sweater Pattern [26]
  2. Doggie Sweater [27]
  3. Checkerboard Dog Sweater Pattern [28]
  4. Cute Hot Dog Crochet Coat [29]
  5. Toms T-Shirt for Dogs [30]
  6. Doggie Tutu Costume [31]
  7. Free Knitted Dogsweater Pattern [32] (knit)
  8. Cable Knit Dog Sweater [33] (knit)
  9. Boa Dog Coat [34] (knit)
  10. Leaf Dog Sweater [35] (knit)
  11. Knit a Button Up Dog Sweater [36] (knit)
  12. Cable Knit Greyhound Sweater [37] (knit)
  13. Basket of Daisies Dog Sweater [25] (knit)

Crochet Hats for Dogs and Other Attire

Dog Bandana [38]Don’t forget about the little ears! With some cute and silly patterns, you’ll find a pattern that will fit your puppy just right.

  1. Dog Snood [39]
  2. Dog Leg Warmers [40]
  3. Button Dog Scarf [41]
  4. Breast Cancer Awareness Dog Leg Warmers [42]
  5. Doggy Brain Slug Hat [43]
  6. Dog Bandana [38]
  7. Birthday Hat [44]
  8. Paw Socks Pattern [45]

Make Your Own Dog Toys

Felted Knit Dog Toy [46]The best things are handmade, right? Make your own dog toys with these patterns and watch your dog toss, chew, and fetch your creations.

  1. Dog Bone Applique and Toy [47]
  2. Dog Gone Dog Bone [48]
  3. Felted Knit Dog Toy [46] (knit)

Cute Crochet Dog Collars

Whether you want a festive collar for the holidays or just something cute, these crochet dog collars [49] are fun to work up with scrap yarn.

  1. Retro Dog Collar [50]
  2. Candy Cane Collar [51]
  3. The Skull Collar [52]
  4. Lattice Dog Collar [53]
  5. Crochet Pet Bow Tie Collar [54]
  6. Jingle Bell Decorative Collar for Pet [55]
  7. Flowers and Lace Dog Collar [56]
  8. Metal Chain Dog Collar [57]
  9. Chunky Dog Collars [58]

Have you crocheted/knitted anything for your dog?