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Go Green This Earth Day: Let’s Talk Yarn!


Earth Day is on its way, April 22 will be here before we know it. This is the one time of year where we can all come together to show our support for environmental protection. We must keep our Earth clean as our children and children’s children will be living in it for years to come. Plant a tree, grow some flowers, ride a bike to the store instead of driving a car; help out in any way you can. Of course the one way we can all help out bring attention to Earth Day is by knitting and crocheting. Our favorite skill comes in handy on this day because we can use up our leftover pieces and scraps of yarn, recycle what we would have thrown away and even use our plastic bags to create plarn!

We have a wonderful variety of knit and crochet patterns from all of us at AllFreeCrochet.com [3], AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.com [4] and AllFreeKnitting.com [5]. Whatever you choose to make this Earth Day, make sure you show it off proudly.

Patterns from AllFreeCrochet:

Acre of Land Pillow [6]

Acre of Land Pillow [6] – The cute pillow features trees, water and an apple orchard. Complete with arms, legs and a super cute face, this little guy is perfect for Earth Day!

Green Friendly Afghan [7] – Get earth-friendly with this crochet afghan pattern that uses Caron’s eco soft yarn. The greens and blues are great reminders of land and water.

Plarn Grocery Tote [8] – Make your grocery tote out of recycled plastic bags and then take your new tote with you to shop. Recycle and reuse the smart way.

Patterns from AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns:

Grassy Stripes Baby Blanket [9]

Modern Leaf Afghan [10] – The patterned leaf crochet design has a vintage look to it, but also gives you that modern chic vibe. This is a staple item that would look great in your home.

Grassy Stripes Baby Blanket [9] – Think eco-friendly with different shades of green and grey to resemble grass, stones and pebbles. Take your little one and their blanket on a picnic.

Spring Dew Chevron Afghan [11] – Add a beautiful array of color to your home while you wake up to the morning dew of the spring. The ripple stitch makes this afghan a beauty.

Patterns from AllFreeKnitting:

Nature Lover Purse [12]

Nature Lover Purse [12] – Show your love for the Earth with this purse full of Earthy tones. The cinched top allows your items to stay safe in your bag.

Reusable Duster [13] – By making t-shirt yarn with your old t-shirts you can come up with this fun reusable duster. Get crafty by recycling, not throwing away!

T-Shirt Yarn Bib [14] – Another great pattern that uses old t-shirt for yarn. Now your little one can always have a piece of you with them.

Whether you work up something with Earth-toned colors like greens, blues and browns or get really creative and reuse old clothing items and turn plastic bags into plarn, it’s all a great way to bring awareness to Mother Earth.

What will you work up for Earth Day?