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Crochet With Your Eyes Closed


Sometimes you need a pattern that is quick, easy and almost mindless.  Just the motion of working up a blanket or other small item [3] is soothing, and you don’t want to have to concentrate too hard on a pattern repetition.  I’ve collected some of our best easiest and almost mindless patterns.  You can work these up without having to concentrate too hard, so start up your favorite movie or TV show, and get to work.  These patterns are so ridiculously easy, I bet you could finish them with your eyes closed!

Crochet With Your Eyes Closed [4]


Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

World's Easiest Afghan [5]

This pattern is so easy peasy, perfect for working on while watching TV.

These crochet afghan patterns [6] are beyond easy to work up.  You really won’t believe how quickly they come together, and how little you will have to concentrate on these fabulously easy patterns. This collection of blankets and afghans feature simple stitch patterns, so you’ll be able to






Super Easy Crochet Accessories

Outrageously Easy Dinosaur Spikes [13]

You really won’t believe how easy this cute hat is!

If you’re looking for something beyond the blanket, these super-easy hats [14]and cowls work up quickly and with little effort. From fun scarves and beyond easy hats, this collection are all fabulous.  If you’re on the hunt for a last-minute gift, try one of these.  With just a couple hours work, you’ve got a great gift to give.


What is your favorite quick-and-easy crochet project?