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Knitter’s Delight: 25 Incredibly Easy Scarf Patterns


As knitters, we tend to have a natural affection and nostalgia attached to scarves [3]. Your first project was likely a beginner scarf pattern [4]–something you could practice knitting and purling  with until you had something to call your own. I still treasure my first knitted scarf–janky and crooked, full of countless missed stitches and ever changing gauges. Even after our novice days are over, simple scarf patterns are still a constant favorite. Scarves allow us to sit back, relax, and knit away. Because scarves are so basic, they allow endless opportunities for creativity.

Fresh Spring Infinity Scarf [5]


We’ve compiled a list of 25 delightful knitting patterns you’ll be sure to love. Whether you’re a beginner looking for that first big project, an expert looking for a quick knit, or somewhere in between, we have the perfect pattern for you. If you’re looking for more lovely scarf patterns after you knit through this list, we have collections of scarves waiting for you!



Garter Stitch Scarf Patterns

Ahh, the basic knit stitch. Get back to your roots and knit a gorgeous scarf out of your first (and favorite) stitch. Don’t worry- you still have a chance to develop a little more intrigue with these fun pattens.

Clara’s Cotton Scarf  [6]Garter Stitch Color Block Scarf [7]

Phoenix Print Garter Scarf [8]

Anthropologie Inspired Fringe Scarf [9]

Garter Stitch Color Block Scarf [7](Pictured)

Simple Garter Stitch Scarf [10]

Two Hours or Less Scarf [11]

Sunshine Scarf [12]





Knit Infinity Scarf PatternsBlue Ice Winter Scarf [13]

These infinity scarf patterns are eternally stylish. These scarves may loop on forever, but that doesn’t mean they have to take very long.  For circular scarves, these patterns are quite straightforward.

Cozy Eternity Scarf [14]

Fresh Spring Infinity Scarf [5]

Blue Ice Winter Scarf [13] (Pictured)

Cranberry Button Scarf [15]




Lace Knit Scarf Patterns

These light and lacy patterns are a breeze to knit. Don’t be intimidated by the intricacies of lace–these patterns use very basic knitting instructions to achieve their sophisticated patterns.

Japanese Summer Scarf [16]    Checkerboard Lace Scarf [17]

Glistening Bamboo Scarf [18]

Mindless Mermaid Fishnet Scarf [19]

Ribbed Lace Scarf [20]

Checkerboard Lace Scarf [17]

Mesh Bamboo Scarf [21]

Fast and Furious Lacy Scarf [22]

Wisp [23]

Wonderful One Row Lace Scarf [24]



Solid Knitted Scarf Patterns

These chunky scarves will keep you warm and cozy in the winter time. With such thick wool, you’ll have these scarves done in a snap. Ward off the winter chills with these free scarf knitting patterns.

Peacock Scarf Pattern [25]  Simple Sunset Scarf [26]

Easy Fisherman’s Rib Scarf [27]

Simple Sunset Scarf [26](Pictured)

The Perfect Men’s Scarf [28]

Warm Winter Scarf [29]




Free Scarf Patterns13 Free Knit Scarf Patterns [30]

Did you work through some of our simple, beautiful scarf patterns? If you’re ready for more collections, check out our compilations from AllFreeKnitting.





What did your first knitted scarf look like?