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Fall Wearable Roundup: Easy Knit and Crochet Patterns


We’re steadily making our way through autumn [3] now and I am feeling the chill! There are mornings where it’s way too hard to get out of bed knowing that all that awaits me is cold and gloom. The only thing that makes it a little better is knowing that I’ve got a closet full of cozy sweaters [4] and shawls [5] to snuggle into once I throw the covers back!

To keep the spirit of autumn alive while the days drag on, I’ve gathered up some free, easy knit and crochet patterns [6] for you to work up while the days get dark earlier. Stay warm AND productive by working up your faves!

Fall Knit and Crochet Patterns [7]


Seaside Knit Cardigan [8]I love sweaters and cardigans in the fall – they don’t require much accessorizing and they’re always stylish when it’s cold out! These easy crochet and knitting patterns will show you how to crochet or knit a sweater or top that you’ll be in love with all season long.

Deep Woods Textured Knit Cardigan [9]
An Autumn Crochet Tunic [10]
Seaside Knit Cardigan [8]
Cozy Crochet Cardigan [11]
Granny Crochet Pullover [12]


Among the Moorlands Knit Shawl [13]A shawl is the quintessential autumn accessory – perfect for those days where the weather’s nice in the sunshine but chilly in the shade. Our knit and crochet  shawl patterns are sure to be just what you need this season!

Pumpkin Spice Crochet Shawl [14]
Among the Moorlands Knit Shawl [13]
Sonata Knit Shawl [15]
Flame and Ember Crochet Shawl [16]
Autumn Crochet Shawl [17]

Trinity Knit Poncho Pattern [18]Ponchos

Ponchos are the most effortless way to take your outfit to the next level – just throw one on over a basic top and you’re good to go! Work up these knit and crochet poncho patterns and you’ll be feeling toasty in no time.

Trinity Knit Poncho [18]
Autumn Ivy Crochet Poncho [19]
Favorite Fall Knit Poncho [20]
Cozy Cowl Crochet Poncho [21]
Swanky Crochet Kaftan [22]

What’s your favorite thing to wear in the fall?