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Cozy! 20+ Fabulous Fall-Inspired Crochet Afghan Patterns

For a short moment this morning the weather was crisp, dry and clear, and I was transported to an autumn path with leaves crunching under my feet as I hugged a hot pumpkin spice latte close.  Of course, this fleeting daydream was short lived when I realized my hair was still wet and I needed a cardigan.  When I ran back inside to pull out my favorite crochet cardigan [1] to wear in the office, I spotted an old crochet afghan that was gifted to me by an elderly family member.

That crochet afghan pattern [2] happens to be a favorite of mine, big bold ripples of shell stitch, but it was worked in my favorite Christmas colors, so I only pull it out in the winter months.  I was suddenly longing for an afghan crochet pattern to mimic this pattern but in the colors that would remind me of fall, so I can have a cuddly crochet afghan on my couch to watch TV under during the crisp months.  As a result, I spent the morning gathering all of my favorite fall-inspired crochet afghan patterns to help me decide which one I’m going to start ASAP.  I think I’ve narrowed it down, but I usually don’t decide on the final pattern until I get to the yarn store and see the colors.  I’m hoping once I find my perfect colors for fall, one of these easy crochet blanket patterns [3] will jump out at me and say, “MAKE ME NOW, WOMAN!!!

Fall Crochet Afghan Patterns [4]

Quick!  Close your eyes and think of Fall.  What comes to mind?  When I do this, I think of rich browns, apple red, snuggly blankets [5], cider and s’mores.  Maybe one of these free crochet afghan patterns will remind you of your favorite Fall sensation.

Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns Perfect for Fall

Make-it-Quick Afghan
Redwood Waffle-ghan
Homey Crochet Throw
Fall Weekend Throw
Easy Going Crochet Blanket [6]

Rustic Patterns for Crochet Afghans

Woodsy-Chic Triangle Lapghan [7]
Brown and Gray Lapghan [8]
Cabin Woods Crochet Afghan [9]
Garden Patch Granny Afghan [10]
Deciduous Stripes Crochet Afghan [11]

Crochet Ripple Afghan Patterns

S’mores Ripple Afghan [12]
Neutral Ripple Afghan [13]
Zig-Zag Ripple Afghan [14]
Lazy Day Ripple Pattern [15]
Neutral Melon Crochet Ripple Afghan [16]
Double V-Stitch Ripple Blanket [17]
Chestnut Ripples Afghan [18]
Touch of Honey Ripple Crochet Pattern [19]
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What do you look forward to experiencing each autumn? Let us know below in the comments!

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