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Our Favorite Crochet Bag Patterns


Bags are an ever-popular crochet accessory and a way to elevate your look to the next level. With so many different style options, there’s a bag or purse style for every outfit and occasion: a sturdy messenger bag or backpack for work or school [3], a large and roomy tote bag [4] for shopping trips or the beach, and even simple little handbags big enough for your phone, keys, and some money. Sure, you can buy a bag or purse that’s perfectly suited to your tastes and needs, but there’s something about working up that crochet bag yourself. And with so many different types of crochet bag patterns [5] to choose from, you’re bound to find just the perfect bag for you.

Crochet purses or crochet tote bags – you’ll find all sorts of great bag options here. My favorite, listed below, is the Autumn Day Tote [6]it’s a simple and roomy tote bag that’s worked up with solid-colored crochet granny squares and features sturdy pre-purchased straps and a chic lining for long-lasting durability. It’s so simple, but it looks classic and timeless. If that just isn’t your style, there are many other crochet bags, big and small, worked in rounds or in granny squares, to choose from in this collection of 22 crochet handbags from our friends at AllFreeCrochet [7].

handbag-blog [5]

22 Crochet Handbags to Make

  1. Quirky Crochet Handbag [8]
  2. Pretty Purple Purse [9]
  3. Pretty Crochet Butterfly Bag [10]
  4. Indigo Bag [11]
  5. Handmade Crochet Bag [12]
  6. Autumn Day Tote [6]Editor’s Pick
  7. Floral Granny Square Crochet Purse [13]
  8. Festival Crochet Purse Pattern [14]
  9. Eco Cotton Blend Crochet Ruffled Bag [15]
  10. Easy Bobble Stitch Purse [16]
  11. Deep Blue Sea Purse [17]
  12. Crochet Hexagon Handbag [18]
  13. Busy Girl’s Crochet Handbag [19]
  14. Boho Tassel Crochet Bag [20]
  15. Boardwalk Bag [21]
  16. “Suzette” Tote Bag for Beginners [22]
  17. Seed Stitch Summer Purse [23]
  18. Smell the Roses Crochet Tote [24]
  19. Summer Hobo Bag [25]
  20. Sweet Summer Crochet Handbag [26]
  21. Twilight Woods Tote [27]
  22. Wildflower Shoulder Crochet Bag [28]

For even more crochet handbags, check out this little pattern collection [29]!

What’s your favorite style of bag? Let us know below in the comments!