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Favorite Fall Scarves: 18 Knit Scarf Patterns


While most people mourn the loss of summer, I’m always anxious to get to the next season— fall. For knitters, this marks the beginning of knitting season. It’s time to get up and start working on all of those knitted gifts [3] we’ve been promising for the longest time. That’s not all fall is about, though. Now, the air is crisp and the leaves begin to put on a show for us, changing from an earthy green to a unique mixture of reds and oranges and, sometimes, purples. Fall also ushers in the return of seasonal items like pumpkins and apples that form some of our favorite treats. With pumpkin spice lattes and delicious caramel apples back within arm’s reach once more, do you really need any more reason to fall in love with this beautiful season?

With every drastic weather change, I have a bit of a system. All of my summer shorts and tank tops go away for the year; and in their place are the hoodies, cardigans, and jeans I’ve been missing. That’s not all, though. The knitted accessories are back again to keep us both stylish and warm. Hats and scarves are at the top of that list. As knitters, however, there’s never any need to go out and by these fall favorites. We can learn how to knit hats [4] and scarves and make them ourselves! Provided below is a list of my favorite fall scarves. Before it’s too late, why not set aside a day to knit up your own scarf for the season? It won’t take you long at all and the result is sure to be simply amazing.





How to Knit a Scarf for the Season

Take the time to usher in this beautiful season with one of these easy knitting projects. You just can’t beat the classic knit scarf pattern. Many of us started off making these straight knitted wonders, so why not return to them as the weather outside shifts once more? These knit patterns are not only quick and easy to make, but they are produce quite the convertible knit. After all, the traditional scarf is the knitted accessory that can be worn a multitude of ways for a multitude of reasons. Toss one side over your shoulder for the vintage glamor look or let some of the material hang in the front. However you choose to style your knitted scarf, just be sure to make it your own.Dewdrop Scarf [6]

Peekaboo Lace Chain Link Scarf [7]
Two Hours or Less Scarf [8]
Dewdrop Scarf [6]
Simple and Sweet Knit Kerchief [9]
Jefferson Scarf [10]
Autumn Wowza Scarf [11]
Lime Lightening Linen Scarf [12]
Definitely Diagonal Scarf [13]



Cozy Knit Infinity Scarf and Knit Cowl Patterns

If you’ve been looking for more than just your traditional knit scarf, you’ve come to the right place. Infinity scarves and cowls are taking over, and they are the perfect project for the knitting fashionista. They add a certain pizazz to your outfits that regular scarves sometimes don’t. Cowls are the scarves that aren’t just for keeping you safe and warm from the harsh wind. They’re also fashionable accessories. With most of them being knit in the round, they may seem unattainable to the knitter not quite ready to give up their straight needles. That, however, isn’t entirely true. Many of these beautiful “circle scarves” can be knit on straight needles and joined together when you’re finished. So, take an evening to knit up one of these easy knitted scarf patterns you’re sure to love.  Stockholm Scarf [14]

Ombre Cowl [15]
Leftover Yarn Infinity Scarf

Falling Leaves Cowl [16]
Stockholm Scarf [14]
Bridger Cowl [17]
Basic Knit Infinity Scarf [18]
Harvest Bonfire Cowl [19]
Homespun Circle Scarf [20]
Wanderlust Cowl [21]
Lavender Magic Scarf [22]




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What’s your favorite way to wear a scarf? Are you more of a cowl person or is it traditional scarves all the way?