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Kid Stitches: Finger Knitting Projects To Keep Them Busy This Summer


School is almost out for the summer for children across the country, and that means we will soon be serenaded with the sweet cries of “Moooooooom, I’m bored!”  from the moment they wake up each day until they place their darling little heads on their pillows at night.  Don’t let that happen this year.  Get the kids involved in your hobby and teach them how to finger knit [3].  Finger knitting for kids is an easy craft that children as young as 3 or 4 years old can master.  Whether they chose to attempt finger knitting a scarf or just learn how to finger knit [4] a long snake to use their imagination with, you’ll be setting them up for hours of crafting and play. And you can give them your left over yarn, so when they learn to finger knit, you’ll be scrap busting!


We have put together a great tutorial to help your little one learn how to finger knit [4].  If your child is older, let them watch the video demonstration below and they’ll learn finger knitting from start to finish.


Once the kids have learned how to finger knit [6], and are confident with the process, hand them a ball of yarn and you won’t hear any more “Moooooom, I’m bored!” this summer.

Finger Knitting Projects:


cup-weaving-784x1024 [15]For more great DIY summer kids crafts ideas, check out this great yarn crafts for kids [15] post on CraftPaperScissors.com [16].  You’ll find more great finger knitting patterns for kids, as well as fun yarn weaving ideas and more!



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How do you keep your kids busy during the summer?