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Going Gaga Over Grannies: Flower Granny Squares


Flower Granny Squares [3]While I walk my neighborhood I’m constantly looking to the left and right of me seeing all the fabulous flowers in everyone’s yard. In my own yard I have these beautiful bold, colorful flowers of orange, purple, pink and yellow. My favorite are the lilacs, but those seem to come and go all too quickly.  Even though I can bring those in my home for that wonderful smell they just won’t last forever. Unlike living flowers, crochet flowers can last forever. Crocheted flowers look amazing when they’re in combination with granny squares [4]. When I see a flower in the middle of a granny it just makes me smile. Some of the crochet patterns can even be abstract that you have to search for the flower within. And just like living flowers, crocheted flower granny squares can be made of bold and bright colors. The best part about making a granny square is that you can leave it alone to use as a coaster or hotpad, or you can join them to make something even bigger like an afghan [5], a purse or a sweater. The possibilities are endless! While the flowers are still blooming let’s make our own creations with these flower granny squares.

Flower Granny Squares

  1. Water Lily Crochet Granny Square [6] – Capture nature’s magic with this delicate design
  2. Popcorn Stitch Bloom Square [7] – Different shades of pink really pop from the green and white
  3. Blooming Lace Square [8] – The flower is directly in the center of this crochet pattern
  4. Cute Crochet Sunflower Pattern [9] – This 3D square is sure to jump out at you
  5. Brilliant Flower Crochet Square [10] – An easy pattern that starts with a magic circle and eight petals
  6. Periwinkle Flower Square [11] –  This crochet granny square is great for any time of year
  7. Blooming Violet Square [12] – The popcorn stitch is worked brilliantly in this pattern
  8. 3D Pink Rose Granny Square [13] – Every home needs a rose or two; make many for an afghan

Flower Granny Square Afghans

  1. Colorwheel Crochet Granny Squares [14] – The most beautiful afghan when squares are joined
  2. Versatile Flower Granny Afghan [15] – Great for beginners and those practicing their stitchwork
  3. Modern Flower Afghan [16] – The squares of this granny blanket are fun to make
  4. Four Patch Daisy Granny Square [17] – You’ll love the floral motif with different center colors


Mayapple Flower Square [18]:

Mayapple Flower Square [18]

Finished Size



Get the full pattern [18].


Want more flowers? The blooming never ends with crochet!