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For the Lazy Knitters: 25 Simple Knitting Patterns


My favorite part about knitting is that you actually produce something. At the end of of a project, you always have something complete and tangible to show your hard work.

However, you don’t always want to put in grueling hours of labor. After a long day of working at the office or chauffeuring the kids around, the last thing you want to do is try a new stitch or get frustrated with a complicated pattern. Sometimes it’s best to just sit back, relax, and unwind with your yarn.

This post goes out to the carpool yarnies, couch potatoes, Netflix bingers, and speed knitters who just want to work on easy, mindless patterns [3] while they take a break from reality. These patterns are as laid-back as they come. So grab some yarn, pick up your needles, and chill out with these 25 simple knitting patterns for lazy knitters. We’ve created this collection full of cowls [4], shawls [5], afghans [6], and arm knits [7] just for you.


Easy Knit Cowl Patterns

I love knitting in the car–as a passenger, of course. I feel lazy and productive at the same time. Sitting idly in hours of traffic gives me plenty of time to produce a gorgeous knit. Cowls also fit perfectly into a purse once I arrive at my destination. However, if you’re like me, you don’t fare too well while looking downwards during stop-and-go traffic. You won’t even have to glance at these simple knitting patterns.

Mesh Lace Cowl [9]

Lazy Friday Cowl [10]

Editor’s Pick! Violet Arrow Cowl  [11]

Mesh Lace Cowl [9](Pictured)

Mindless Mystic Cowl [12]

Easy Knit Shawl Pattern Ideas

There are two things I absolutely love to get wrapped up in: a mindless project and a warm shawl. However, there’s a big difference between mindless patterns and monotonous patterns. There’s no thinking involved with these simple patterns, but you’ll enjoy knitting with the rich colors and basic stitches. You won’t grow tired of knitting these elegant shawls. These incredibly easy shawl patterns let you crash on the couch and knit away.


Reader Favorite! Old Hollywood Shawl [13] (Pictured)

Mindless Sideways Shawl [14]

Garter Stitch Shawl with Collar [15]

One Ball Lace Triangle Shawl [16]

An Easy Shawl to Knit [17]

Easy Knitting Blanket Patterns

Summer locations usually include barbeques, beaches, and bonfires. However, sometimes my only destination is the couch! After a few weekends of non-stop activity, a few minutes of summer relaxation can turn into an all-day Netflix binge. Knit these easy patterns while you’re marathoning your favorite show or re-watching your favorite movie series. You won’t even have to look down from the screen with these basic knitting patterns.

Nantucket Afghan [18]

Lazy Minute Blanket [19]

Nantucket Afghan [18] (Pictured)

Light Spectrum Afghan [20]

Fast Finish Throw [21]

Effortless Afghan [22]

Editor’s Pick! Country Cottage Blanket [23]

Seaside Stripes Blanket [24]

No Name Blanket [25]

Lazy Wavy Baby Blanket [26]

Endless Cables Knit Throw [27]

Colorful! Sherbet Surprise Afghan [28]

Warm Cable Knit Blanket [29]

Easy Arm Knitting

As opposed to leisurely knitting an afghan while stuck in a Netflix time warp, you may want to produce a gorgeous knit with as little time and effort as possible. Most new innovations result from lazy people. Someone always muses, “There has to be an easier way to do this!” Enter: the latest Arm Knitting craze. This fun fiber art doesn’t require any actual “knitting,” but it does allow you to finish projects faster than you ever thought possible. With some extra chunky yarn and a quick tutorial (check out our post about How to Arm Knit [30]), you can become the ultimate lazy knitter. Finish all of these projects in an hour or less!

15 Minute Arm Knit Infinity Scarf [31]

Super Fast! One Hour Arm Knit Blanket [32]

One Hour Arm Knit Cowl [33]

30 Minute Arm Knit Fringe Scarf [34]

15 Minute Arm Knit Infinity Scarf [31] (Pictured)

15 Minute Vest [35]

What do you knit when you’re feeling lazy? Let us know below in the comments!