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Recent Survey Reveals Crocheters Interests & Habits


[3]A recent survey conducted by AllFreeCrochet.com [4] revealed the interests and habits of crocheters who subscribe to Hooked on Crochet, AllFreeCrochet’s free email newsletter [5]. The goal was to gain a better understanding of what inspires our online readers, what (and who) motivates them to crochet, how they interact with the online crochet community, and just how much this hobby really means to them — you’ll be shocked to hear what they’re willing to give up in order to crochet!

Medical professionals always stress the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. Although that may be true, AllFreeCrochet [4] readers disagree; the majority of our readers have sacrificed shuteye in order to keep working on a crochet project. Out of 14,486 respondents, 61.7% of respondents admit they have chosen crochet over sleep at least once. And because there clearly are just not ever enough hours in the day, our readers also revealed that they to take their projects on-the-go – and are proud of it! 93.1% of respondents say they are not embarrassed to crochet in public.

Out of the 14,486 respondents to AllFreeCrochet’s survey [4], the majority were female crocheters over the age of 60 who crochet daily, and have known how to crochet since they were 18 years old or younger. Not surprisingly, the main reason they crochet is not for the money; only 98 out of 14,486 people (0.7%) say they crochet because of the profit they make from selling their patterns. Instead, 48.3% say they crochet because it’s relaxing, and 42% say they crochet because they like the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed. 4.8% like the convenience of crochet (hooks and yarn are small enough to use on-the go), and 4.2% say it’s something fun to do with friends and family.

There are obviously many different types of yarn on the market today, but the majority of AllFreeCrochet [4] readers (70.7%) enjoy working with worsted weight yarn the most, and 90% of readers choose to buy from yarn companies such as Lion Brand [6], Red Heart Yarn [7], Bernat [8], etc. Seeing a project they want to make excites readers the most, and 85% of readers find most of their crochet patterns online.

Aside from connecting with AllFreeCrochet [4] through newsletters, respondents said they also enjoy interacting through a multitude of platforms including Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. They are most active on social media in the morning and evening hours.

AllFreeCrochet_survey_infographic [4]Key findings of the survey include:

Favorite Reader Projects:
54% – afghans [9]
21% – scarves [10]
20% – hats [11]
5% – sweaters [12]

Social Media Use:
33% check social media in the evenings
32% check social media in the mornings

Main Sources For Crochet Patterns:
86% – online
8% – books
6% – magazines

Top Purchased Yarn Brands:
50% – Red Heart
15% – Lion Brand
9% – Caron
7% – Bernat
2% – Patons
0.3% – Premier
0.3% Berroco

Finally, the survey also asked readers what they would like to see changed in the Hooked on Crochet newsletters, both in format and in content. Here is what a few readers had to say about the AllFreeCrochet newsletter, Hooked on Crochet:

“I love your newsletter. It is very inspirational for a crocheter.”

“I am very, very appreciative for the patterns and tutorials that AllFreeCrochet makes available. I have become a much better crocheter and am now even creating my own original patterns. Thank you!”

“I enjoy finding AllFreeCrochet in my inbox and opening to find what it is new.”

“I love that the projects are so well written, and great pictures to walk me through learning how to do it. I’m about 3 years into crochet now… still loving it.”

“Keep up the good work in giving us interesting patterns!”

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How many of YOU would choose crochet over sleep? Leave a comment below and let us know!