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35 Free Knitting Patterns Royalty Would Love


If you’re anything like me, you know all the ins and outs of the British Royal Family—the history of the crown, who’s married to whom, the order of crown succession, and on and on. I got up at three in the morning to watch William and Kate’s wedding and love when new pictures of their little ones come out. There’s a certain elegance in understanding how British royalty works and feeling that much closer to the family in the meantime.

I was fortunate enough to be able to study abroad in England during a semester of college, and let me tell you—it was amazing. I really got to experience British life and culture, which was lovely. Tea and scones are just not the same here. Plus, when I visited Windsor Castle, the Queen was there spending the weekend! Talk about geeking out! Though I never got to see her, I felt very honored to be so near.

Today, I am getting a bit nostalgic, so I thought I’d share with you 35 Free Knitting Patterns Royalty Would Love [3], so you can get in an England mood, too.

Free Knitting Patterns Royalty Would Love

Of course, there are more royals in the world than just the British Royal Family, but my mind will always go back to the place where I spent such a lovely three months.

If you want to make something Kate would wear, or if you want to knit an elegant hat for a little one [4] you know, this is the place to look. I’m always looking for something to class up my wardrobe, so why not something beautifully handmade that is also royalty-inspired?

Plus, I’ve included some Downton Abbey patterns, because for those of us who love everything British, the Crawley Family is nearly royalty!

I hope you enjoy these free knitting patterns!

Knitted Headband and Knit Hat Patterns

Classic Inaugural Cloche [5]

Classic Inaugural Cloche

Whenever there is a royal wedding or event, it is always fun to see the amazing array of hats that the guests wear. They really are extraordinary. Feathers and flowers and buttons and lace—they have it all! While you can’t make anything nearly as extravagant in a knit hat pattern [6], you can certainly make something that royalty would be proud to wear. These patterns are filled with lace [7] or cables [8] or pretty designs, so they will make you look elegant.

This collection of Kate Middleton Knitting Patterns [13] has some of these projects and more!

Sweater Knitting Patterns

Royal English Tea Cardigan [14]

Royal English Tea Cardigan

Sweaters are always a good thing to have in England, since the weather can fluctuate pretty quickly, even within the same day. Sometimes I would go to class in bright sun and come out 45 minutes later to dark clouds and pouring rain. Then an hour later, it would be sunny again. That kind of variation needs easy layers to take on and off. The knit sweater patterns [15] in this list will work great!

Knit Shawl and Knit Scarf Patterns

Kate's Ruffled Shawl [18]

Kate’s Ruffled Shawl

Like sweaters, knit shawls [19] and scarves make for great additions to your outfit if you’re afraid it will be a little chilly outside. You can easily take them on and off as needed. Plus, a knit shawl always looks sophisticated, loosely wrapped around your shoulders. And knit scarf patterns [20] almost always dress up a look.

For even more royal scarves, check out 12 Scarf Knitting Patterns Fit For A Queen [27]!

King’s Corner: Knitting Patterns for Men

Men's V-Neck Cable Cardigan [28]

Men’s V-Neck Cable Cardigan

We can’t forget that the men in our lives also need to look classy, especially if they’re going out with us in our new handmade knits. This list of knitting patterns for men [29] covers all the bases, from sweaters to scarves to ties. You will love how these free knitting patterns make them look!

If you want more knitting for men patterns, this free eBook [35] has you covered!

Prince and Princess Free Knitting Patterns

Lacy Leaves Baby Hat Pattern [36]

Lacy Leaves Baby Hat Pattern

No list of royal patterns would be complete without a section for the little princes and princesses in our lives, especially now that George and Charlotte have come into the British Royal Family. There are so many baby patterns [37] to choose from, but this list includes some of the best. One of the patterns, the Princess Charlotte Baby Bonnet, is even modeled after the adorable bonnet she wore when they left the hospital.

Downton Abbey Inspired Knitting Projects

Downton Hat [46]

Downton Hat

If you watched all the seasons of Downton Abbey, your heart was flung all over the place as the seasons continued, and I bet you found yourself in tears on more than one occasion. I won’t give any spoilers here, but I think some of us need to do some knitting to soothe the pain. And what better than patterns styled after the show we love, despite its painful moments?

I hope you loved reading and looking through these free knitting patterns as much as I loved my trip down memory lane. Oh, to be royal…

What makes you feel royal? Let us know below in the comments!