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Get Hooked On These Unique Crochet Patterns


If there’s one thing that can be said about crochet, it’s that it is not limited to making hats and scarves. As long as yarn and a crochet hook are in supply, crocheters have created some truly interesting items that don’t always fit within a certain category. I’ve looked all over AllFreeCrochet [3] to find the crochet patterns that are innovative and imaginative on an entirely different level. Think more along the lines of “crochet shark headpiece” and less “crochet hat.” These unique crochet patterns are anything but dull, and are just what you need to shake up your project to-do list. Here’s why.

Try A New Stitch

Let’s say you’ve admired the crocodile stitch from afar, but perhaps haven’t felt the need to try it on a full-scale shawl pattern. But what about a smaller project, like a bag? A quirky project just might be the best way for you to try a new crochet stitch without investing in countless skeins of yarn.

Shorter Time Commitment

Many of these unusual crochet patterns don’t take up much time or yarn to create. If you have a free afternoon and an overflowing yarn stash [4], then you can probably create crochet toys and accessories that are a bit quirky, too. As you’re out little in terms of resources, you don’t have much to lose.

Unique Gift Ideas

You probably have one or two people on your gift list who seem to have everything. So what do you do when the holidays roll around? Instead of purchasing a random gift card, consider making a colorful hat with a beard or crochet a set of flying discs for indoor use. The recipient will love opening a present that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Inspiration To Make Something New

If you’ve always thought of crochet as a way to make something practical, then perhaps these unique crochet patterns can get you to think otherwise. Pick up your favorite crochet hook and some yarn, and feel inspired to make something that’s completely original. Perhaps you’ll put a new twist on a traditional hat pattern or create a crochet version of a popular toy.

Get Hooked On These Unique Crochet Patterns [5]

You’ll love making these quirky crochet patterns! Clockwise from top left: The Golden Snitch, Incredible Indoor Frisbee, Hungry Shark Crochet Slippers, Pokeball Crochet Coasters, and Crochet Mustache

Ready to dive in and start exploring the world of unique crochet patterns? Then you’ll want to take a look at this list.

Unique Crochet Patterns For Clothing And Accessories

Change up your look by creating a fun and whimsical crochet accessory.

  1. Das Beard Hat [6] — This hat will keep everyone warm in winter!
  2. Crochet Mustache [7] — You’ll want to make a few of these for your next party.
  3. Unique Ponytail Hair Wrap [8] — Add some pizzazz to your everyday look with this pattern.
  4. Hungry Shark Crochet Slippers [9] — You’re totally thinking of the “Jaws” theme song now, right?
  5. Decorative Shark Headpiece [10] — If you can’t get enough of sharks, then you’ll love this pattern.
  6. Unique Croshades Accessory [11] — Because the future is so bright!
  7. Rainbow Dragon Bag [12] — This pattern is just too cute to pass up!
  8. Girl on Fire Necklace [13] — You’ll love the pop culture reference with this amazing twist on traditional crochet jewelry.

Miscellaneous Crochet Patterns

These crochet patterns might be just what you need to break up the monotony!

  1. Moldy Cupcake [14] —It’s not often that one wants to receive a moldy cupcake, but this cute pattern could be part of a small prank to play on someone.
  2. Crochet Box of Chocolate [15] — This pattern could make a cute gift package!
  3. Sweeper Cover or Mop [16] — Reach into your yarn stash to create this easy-to-clean pattern.
  4. Incredible Indoor Frisbee [17] — Here’s one flying disc you can play inside the house!
  5. The Golden Snitch [18] — This is a must-make pattern for every Harry Potter fan on your list.
  6. Pokeball Crochet Coasters [19] — You’ll love making this for the Pokemon fans in your life!
  7. Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball Pattern [20] — You’ve crocheted scarves and hats, but what about a puzzle?
  8. Cleanly Crochet Back Scrubber [21] — Just what you need to clean that hard-to-reach spot on your back!
  9. “Make Me Smile” Photo Prop [22] — Every new parent will want this camera prop! Consider making one for the next baby shower you will attend.

What is your favorite unique crochet pattern?