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2nd Annual Gift Giving Series: Gift 11 Table Wreaths


gift giving tutorials13 2nd Annual Gift Giving Series: Gift 8 Broomstick Crochet Lace [3]

Christmas is approaching quickly. This is the 11th week of the 2nd Annual Gift Giving Video Series [3]. For 12 weeks, I’ll be presenting  you with video tutorials for simple gifts can make for the upcoming holiday [3] season. Whether you knit or crochet, there will be something for everyone! Be sure to check out the previous gift posted and get started now. You don’t want to be running behind when it’s time to give out presents.

Gift 11: Table Top Wreaths

In this video, I am going to show you how to convert your ordinary home decor into a festive one. Simply by using pipe cleaners to form the ring to any size you need. There are only 4 rounds to this wreath. You will be amazed on how quick and simple this can be. Once completed, simply add a jar candle or vase in the middle and there you have a fabulous festive holiday decor item.

Grab your crochet hook and simply follow along [4].