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Granny Ripple Patterns: Two Looks, One Afghan


We all know and love the classic granny square [3]. Sometimes. Though the classic look is easy to crochet and basic granny squares [4] are a breeze once you crochet your first one, I know many crocheters despise joining the squares together and weaving in the ends. A popular “solution” to this “granny” problem is to use the granny crochet stitch in a different way. Take your granny square skills and crochet a ripple afghan [5] using these stitches. Six afghans and a doily later, you’ll see that there are many ways to use the granny stitch to achieve a different styles.


Green Granny Ripple Afghan [6] – The Granny Ripple Afghan looks like a typical ripple afghan at a first glance. But in reality, this crochet afghan is made much like a granny square. By skipping chains and making clusters, you will achieve this ripple effect. The trick is to make the first row of chains one and a half times longer than the finished blanket will be.
Rippled Granny Throw [7] – This crochet throw is a little bit of ripple crochet paired with crochet granny squares. Once completed, this crochet throw will look great at the end of a bed or draped over a chair. Since it’s a smaller crochet afghan, it’s easy to take on the go.
Granny Loves Ripple Crochet Baby BlanketĀ  [8]– This will become your basic, go-to pattern for a granny ripple baby blanket. Just use one color and crochet the day away.
No Beginning Chain Granny Ripple Afghan [9] – If you’re tired of finding chain stitches while using knobby yarn, never fear – the No Beginning Chain Granny Ripple Afghan is here! This ripple crochet pattern works great with homespun or boucle style yarn. We love the look that this bulky yarn gives the granny stitch. If you have a self-striping yarn your afghan will turn out like this one, but this pattern works well with just about any kind of yarn.
Grannie Ripple [10] – This fabulous grannie ripple tells you what materials you need in order to make a baby afghan or an adult-sized afghan. We love the bright colors used in this pattern and how it makes the stitches really “pop.”
Granny Ripple Afghan [11] – This impressive-looking ripple afghan pattern is sure to liven up any living room.
Round Granny Ripple Doily [12] – Make yourself a fabulous Round Granny Ripple Doily with this free crochet doily pattern. This design was made in red, white and blue, but you can use any colors you wish. Work up multiple motifs and you can even join them together to make a beautiful afghan.

Have you ever crocheted a granny ripple afghan?

This impressive-looking ripple afghan pattern is sure to liven up any living room [13]. Granny Ripple Afghan might look daunting, but it can be easily done by advanced beginning or intermediate crocheters.
Read more at http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Ripple-Afghans/Granny-Ripple-Afghan/ct/1#mD8RbfKHRTHitlQW.99 [14]