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How to Finger Knit


Last week we introduced you to loom knitting [3], which is a fun alternative knitting technique that doesn’t require needles. Today we’re teaching you about another way to knit without needles: finger knitting! This is an especially great way to knit on the go, because you don’t need any special kinds of tools at all – just your hands!

How to Finger Knit [4]How to Finger Knit [5]

Finger knitting [4] is all about using your fingers to create big stitches that look a bit like braids when they’re finished. While it doesn’t offer as much stitch variation as does regular knitting, it’s also WAY easier to master, and finger knitting projects come together super quickly so it’s a great knitting technique to use if you need to make a handmade gift in a hurry!

Below is a video that will teach you the basics of how to finger knit. Once you’ve got those down, keep scrolling for more resources and some exclusive free finger knitting patterns!

Need a little more instruction? Learn How to Finger Knit with this tutorial over on AllFreeKnitting [6]. Once you’ve mastered the technique (which might take some practice if you’re a little clumsy, like I am!) here are four simply stunning finger knitting patterns for you to practice on!Finger Knit Infinity Scarf [7]

Button Love Scarf [8] – The little buttons on this scarf give it a fun vibe. This scarf would make a great gift for a stylish little girl.

Hula Hoop Rug [9] – This project is stunning! I love the way it came together and I’m definitely planning to make one of these for my living room.

Finger Knit Infinity Scarf [7] – I saw scarves exactly like this for sale when I went to the Renegade Craft Fair last fall. They’re totally trendy!

Finger Knit Letter Ornament [10] – While Christmas might be a little far away, you could use this technique for any kind of project – like a garland of letters!

Have you ever tried finger knitting?


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