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How to Knit a Dog Sweater: Cozy Knits for Your Four-Legged Friend


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. I am not a fan of winter [3]. Well, strike that. I enjoy the week before Christmas, and that’s it. I can take or leave snow…but don’t even get me started on the cold. I wear sweatshirts in the summer time. My car’s seat warmers stay on for the duration of the season starting on October 1st. With another threat of the dreaded polar vortex, I am doing How to Knit a Dog Sweater: Cozy Knits for Your Four-Legged Friend [4]everything I can to prepare myself for another few days of soul-sucking temperatures, including knitting a DIY dog sweater for my beloved mutt, Ziggy.

Ziggy, like most dogs, enjoys being outside. But with sub-zero forecasts, a walk around the block is not just a painful necessity, it’s also dangerous. Obviously animals are used to being outside – they evolved from wolves, after all – but that doesn’t mean that we can ignore the winter elements. Salted sidewalks and streets can wreak havoc on tiny puppy paws. The chill of harsh winds, snow, and ice can easily be mitigated by an adorable yet functional DIY dog sweater. Not sure how to knit a dog sweater? We’ll show you how with a few of our favorite easy knitting patterns [5] for canines:

How to Knit a Dog Sweater

How to Knit a Dog Sweater: Cozy Knits for Your Four-Legged Friend [4]Button-Up Dog Sweater [6] (shown in collage) – This adorable little doggie knit is perfect for dogs (excuse me, owners) who love buttons.

Boa Dog Coat [7] – Perfect for spoiled pups. This fashionable DIY dog sweater is sleek and stylish for the sassiest dogs on the block.

Cable Knit Greyhound Sweater [8] (shown in collage) – Even if your four-legged friend isn’t a racing dog, this warm sweater is sure to get the job done.

Dog Blanket [9] (shown in collage) – Simple and classic, this race horse style blanket is perfect for a preppy (and chilly) pup.

Cable Knit Dog Sweater [10] (featured image) – A doggie classic. Cables and crisp ribbing make this DIY dog sweater a must-knit.

Leaf Dog Sweater [11] – Light and lacy, this canine creation is perfect for a daintier breed, such as a Yorkshire Terrier.

Basket of Daisies Dog Sweater [12] (shown in collage) – Shower your pup with affection (and flowers!) in this adorable floral applique sweater.

Paw Socks Pattern [13] – So you’ve learned how to knit a dog sweater, but how about those paws? Grab some scraps and whip up these easy doggie mittens.



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Have you ever knit anything for your dog (or cat)?