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Fall Fashion Highlight: 9 Knit Infinity Scarf Patterns


Fall Fashion Highlights: 9 Knit Infinity Scarf Patterns [3]

I love mixing and matching my knits during the cold weather to create new and different looks.  Experimenting with winter outfits is one of my favorite ways to show off my knitting, so I try to wear all of my projects at some point during the season.  I’m like anyone else, though, and I have my favorites that I come back to again and again.  My infinity scarf [3] is one of those projects.  It’s easy to wear, and long enough to wrap around my neck a couple of times.

Infinity scarves are super warm, and give an outfit a cozy look.  They’re one of the best ways to wrap up in the winter, since throwing on a scarf is so effortless.  The circle shape of a knit infinity scarf [3] ensures that your skin won’t suddenly be exposed after a strong gust of wind.  Your outfit will always have a neat, polished look when you’re wearing an infinity scarf.  I can’t sing the praises of these fun scarves enough!  Knitting an infinity scarf [3] is usually a fun, quick project, perfect for revitalizing your needles.

I’ve grabbed some of our most fashionable infinity scarves [3] so that you can discover for yourself just how enjoyable these project are. You’re sure to get a lot of wear out of these free knitting patterns [4].

Knit Infinity Scarf Patterns

Cable Ace Eternity Scarf [5] – An elegant cable pattern makes this pattern well worth a look.

Colorful Anime Cowl [6] – This skinny infinity scarf is a great accessory to throw on in moderate weather.

Elegant Waves Infinity Scarf [7]– A simple pattern with an understated texture, this scarf will compliment almost any outfit.

Cool Breeze Infinity Cowl [8] – Throwing this scarf around your neck is a great way to add a bit of color to your wardrobe.

Lace Infinity Scarf [9] – This basic lace pattern will keep you warm and looks effortlessly fabulous.

Garter Stitch Oatmeal Cowl [10] – Chunky and warm, this is a great pattern to pull out if you live in a snowbound region.

Favorite Circle Scarf [11] – Cozy, with a simple texture, this scarf makes a great gift that will please almost everyone’s fashion tastes.

Lavender Magic Scarf [12] – An understated, simple scarf that is a wonderful complement to a casual look.

Infinity Scarf [13] – This lacy scarf may not hold up to serious cold weather, but it is well suited to autumn weather.

What’s your favorite knit wearable for winter?