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Knit Shawls for Warm Weather


I’m convinced that shawls are the perfect knit item for spring and early summer. Chilly breeze? Put a shawl on! Sunny afternoon? How about a light silk wrap? Shawls are versatile as they can be styled casual or dressy, in all types of weather. They’re also fun to knit and easily portable.

I put together a little list of shawl knitting patterns [3] that I’m loving for spring and cool summer days. Because there are so many variations on construction, I’ve separated them out into four categories — triangular, crescent, Pi (circle and half-circle) and Wrap. Which is your favorite?



Triangular shawls are one of my favorite shapes. I like how they can be worn draped over the back, folded in the front (like a bandana), or off to the side over a shoulder. From tiny shawlettes to ready-for-winter wraps, triangular shawls are a joy to knit and to wear.

If you’re new to shawl knitting, the Marigold Lace Shawl [4]would be a perfect pattern to learn triangular construction with a bit of fun lace.

I love how delicate and soft the Angel Shawl [5] looks!

The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People [6] is a delightful knit. It can be knit up in any weight of yarn and in any color

Springtime Bandit [7]is a perfect combination of traditional leaf motifs with a modern flair

Mara [8]is a wonderfully simple shawl featuring a pleated border. It is perfect for a special skein of variegated or speckled yarn

Lovely, lovely Haruni. [9] So easy to customize, and beautiful to wear. It features a repeating leaf motif with a larger leaf edging. Best of all, it looks wonderful with colorful or tonal yarn.



Crescent shawls are incredibly elegant. With swooping wings and lacy edging, they’re effortlessly wearable.

Ginkgo [10] is one of my all-time favorite shawls. The original shawl pattern comes in triangular construction, but it also has a modification for knitting it crescent-shaped

Eyeblink [11]is an easy lace shawl with an adjustable size and a beautiful border

Cameo Flower [12] features a triple spine and a flowing lace border

Rose Garden [13] is simply stunning! The repeating leaf pattern makes me think of gardens in full Springtime bloom

Alpine Meadows [14] is for the more ambitious of us. It comes in two sizes, and uses techniques such as crocheted picot.

circles [15]

Circle + Half-Circle

Circle and Half-Circle shawls are striking. They take a remarkable amount of time to knit, but the result is well worth it.

Vernal Equinox [16]is a truly incredible shawl, and all you need to know to knit it is basic lace!

Shipwreck Shawl [17]is my favorite circular shawl. Beaded or not, it is unique and lovely. It also is perfect for ombre yarn.

Last but not least, Heliotaxis [18]is a circular shawl in the Estonian lace tradition.

wraps [19]


Wraps are perfect for chilly spring evenings. They are a classic shape and accessible for all levels of knitting. I definitely recommend them for new lace knitters as well!

Livezey [20] is a color-blocked wrap that is perfect for beginners

the Jasmine Scarf [21]is perfect for yarn with a halo

Feather & Fan [22]is of my favorite stitch patterns, and this wrap is easily customized to make it larger or smaller

Aisé [23]  is perfect for minimalists and for your softest, most luxurious yarn

The Diamond Sparkle Wrap [24] is simply stunning!

What shawl stuns you the most? Let us know below in the comments!