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Knitting Around the World: 16 Global Knitting Patterns


As a knitter, I enjoy looking at patterns from around the world. Knitting styles and preferences from different cultures are so interesting, and it’s fun to work with techniques and motifs that are new to me. And with the 2020 Olympics coming up next summer, where athletes from all around the globe will be coming together to compete, celebrate, and share their experiences and culture, I thought it would be cool to dig up some knitting patterns for the occasion. Therefore, I put together this collection of 16 Global Knitting Patterns that showcase a little bit of style from lots of different regions. Whether you’re looking for a new knitted scarf pattern [3] or want a cardigan knitting pattern [4] perfect for summer, the sections below should have something for you.

Knitting Around the World: 16 Global Knitting Patterns [5]
Knitting Around the World: 16 Global Knitting Patterns [6]

Scarf Knitting Patterns

This selection of knit scarf patterns [7] is tailored to all knitting skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced knitter, one of these free knitting patterns is sure to strike your fancy.

Mediterranean Island Lace Knit Scarf [10]

Sweaters and Wraps

From ethereal to elegant, these wraps, cardigans, and knit sweater patterns [12] exude the flavors of different regions.

Scottish Moorlands Knit Wrap [13]

Knitted Accessories from Around the Globe

These knitted accessories express the charm of cultures from around the world. Plus, they’re cute, cozy, and functional.

Tropical Pineapple Knitted Bag [24]

If you want more free knitting patterns, check out this huge collection of The Best 100 Free Knitting Designs Ever: Free Afghan Patterns, Knit Scarf Patterns and More [25]!

What’s your favorite knitting pattern from around the world? Let us know below in the comments!