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Knitting for Charity: 30 Easy Knitting Projects for a Cause


The holiday season is quickly closing in on us. With Christmas [3]a mere fourteen days away, it’s time to get those last couple of knits onto your needles so that they’ll be done by the time that big day comes. From knitting scarves [4] for loved ones to casting on your very own handmade “ugly” Christmas sweaters, this season brings forth plenty of opportunities to knit. While you’re sorting through the many knitting patterns available, however, don’t forget this important thing: the holidays are more about giving than receiving. This year, make it your goal to knit up a couple of things for those less fortunate than yourself.

Here at AllFreeKnitting, we believe in giving back. On our site, we have plenty of knitting charities [5] waiting for your donations. There are also plenty of other charities out there that wouldn’t turn away your heartfelt knits. For example, the American Heart Association [6] collects red hats for babies to raise awareness of heart disease. These miniature hats can easily be whipped up in no time at all. Mittens for Detroit [7] is also a great charity that takes mittens for those who need them. In addition to these, there are plenty of others seeking all kinds of winter accessories. They aren’t that hard to find— especially as the temperature outside continues to drop. Make your contributions this year extra special by knitting them yourself! If you need a few ideas, check out this collection of incredibly easy knitting projects and consider knitting one or two (or five) for a charity near you. Together, we can all make a difference!

Happy Knitting!




Time to Bundle Up — Easy Knit Scarf Patterns to Donate

Bold Beginner Scarf [8]

  1. Garter Stitch Color Block Scarf [9]
  2. Beginner’s Bulky Scarf [10]
  3. One Sitting Scarf [11]
  4. Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf [12]
  5. Bold Beginner Scarf [8]
  6. The Perfect Men’s Scarf [13]
  7. Keyhole Scarf [14]


Keep Covered — Charitable Knit Hat Patterns

Harrison's Ribbed Hat [15]

  1. Steinway Hat [16]
  2. Orange Sherbet Easy-Fit Hat [17]
  3. Crossed Comfort Cap [18]
  4. Harrison’s Ribbed Hat [15]
  5. Bulky Diagonal Hat [19]
  6. Essential Knit Hat [20]
  7. Happy Hiking Hat [21]


Knits for your Mitts — How to Knit Mittens for a Cause

Thick Garter Stitch Mitts [22]

  1. Thick Garter Stitch Mitts [22]
  2. Simple Stashbuster Mittens [23]
  3. Handsome Ribbed Mitts [24]
  4. Warm Winter Mitts [25]
  5. Mrs. Roosevelt’s Mittens [26]
  6. Chunky Knit Mittens [27]



Save Our Children — Knitting for Baby & Children

Basic Preemie Hat [28]

  1. Basic Preemie Hat [28]
  2. Serendipity Mittens [29]
  3. Kid’s Loop Scarf [30]
  4. Baby Hearts Hat [31]
  5. Nubby Newborn Mitts [32]
  6. Children’s Knit Hat & Scarf [33]
  7. Garter Stitch Skinny Scarf [34]
  8. Breezy Baby Beanie [35]
  9. Little Baby Mittens [36]
  10. Malabrigo Blue Baby Beanies [37]


Bonus Yarn Giveaway!

Deborah Norville Collection - Serenity Chunky Tweed Yarn [38]
You’re going to need some yarn for all of your charitable knits! Why not enter to win some Deborah Norville Collection – Serenity Chunky Tweed Yarn [39]? We are giving away three skeins of this soft bulky weight yarn to one lucky winner! The deadline to enter is December 24, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time [38].



What charities do you knit for throughout the year?