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Knitting for Men: 14 Manly Patterns


When you’re a knitter, every holiday [3] and birthday is a wonderful opportunity to share your talents with the ones you love. It’s also an exciting occasion to try out a new stitch you just learned or a special technique you picked up at that great class you just took. However, it’s easy to go overboard. “Oh, this scarf would look great with polka dots, let me just run to the store and grab some more of that buttery silk blend I saw in aisle five!” “Wait, this hat needs an applique…I’ll make a daffodil – with a bee on top!” It’s hard not to go get carried away with your knitting – the details are what makes the pattern your own! However, when knitting for other people, it’s important to remember their personal style and fashion preferences – even if they’re not the same as yours.

manly-knits-feature-image [4]

Nothing could be more true than when knitting for men. [5] It’s entirely possible to knit a handsome wardrobe of warm winter clothes your husband, boyfriend, brother, son, or grandson will love. The key is to pick timeless patterns in classic colors. Simple, clean lines and bold, solid colors will always be in style and look great on a male frame. Choose easy knitting patterns [6] without any frills or fuss. When knitting for men, it’s important to get their input as well. Find out his favorite color and go from there. All of the patterns featured below are basics that will look great with a variety of color schemes, so you’re sure to knit a scarf, mittens, sweater, or hat he’ll love.

Knitting for Men [5]

(Striped Wolverine Mittens [7], Two-Color Brioche Scarf [8], Cozy Colorblock Jacket [9], Steel Gray Cowl [10], Harrison’s Ribbed Hat [11], Basic Boyfriend Ribbed Hat [12])

Neutrals are also a safe bet for a more masculine and versatile look. Have fun with their alma mater or favorite sports team, as well. Stripes are a great way to knit something a little more festive, yet are a classic look that will never go out of style.

Knitting for Men [5]

(King Me Scarf [13], Men’s Weekend Sweater [14], Irish Shepherd Scarf [15], Red Velvet Hat [16], Father’s Forest Hat [17], Maplewood Cowl [18])

When knitting for men, just keep it simple. The beauty of all of these easy knitting patterns lies in their effortlessness. This collection of casual, yet attractive patterns are sure to look good on your brother, son, husband, boyfriend, or grandson any time of the year.


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Will you be knitting any of these patterns this year?