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Learn to Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 1


Michael Sellick, Mikey, Pattern Reading [3]Learning to read patterns for many new and experienced crocheters can be a daunting task. Speaking for myself, I learned how to crochet when I was 14 and went nearly 20 years before I could read a pattern. When I first started crocheting, I learned how to read crochet diagrams and relied heavily on them rather than on actual patterns.

As time has progressed, the creation of diagrams has dwindled as they are costly to make and most companies are opting not to produce them as much. This means that reading patterns became something I needed to learn.

I wouldn’t describe myself as an expert of reading patterns. Like many of you, I have to play with the wording and take my time when going through a pattern for the first time. Sometimes it’s trial and error. Sometimes a pattern is too difficult for me that I just sideline it and move onto another project.

Filmed Just for You

I receive a lot of email daily and I always receive several about how to read patterns. I decided to try and produce a video series that is educational, informative, and on point for teaching how to read patterns. I am going to attempt to answer as many questions by showing you inside tips and demonstrations through my mini series. I hope you will find this helpful.

Lesson 1 – Understanding Yarn Ball Labels

In Lesson 1, I began with the basics of reading patterns and symbols. It made sense for me to start off with an item that we all have and purchase before we even think about buying a pattern book. You got it… yarn ball labels.  I broke down the yarn ball label into sections for you to know exactly what the manufacturer is telling you. I also supply a list of resources which include a Yarn Weight Guide and Yarn Care & Washing Symbol Chart. The yarn is telling you a lot of information about what size hooks to use and what the gauge of the yarn should be. Links for the resources shown in the video can be found on my website [4].

In the next lesson, I will be covering the anatomy of a pattern and insider tips on deciding if the pattern is for you. See you next week!

Share with us! What did you start crocheting with–charts or patterns?