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Learn to Read Crochet Patterns: Lesson 3


Learn to Read Crochet Patterns with Michael Sellick [3]For the next lesson in the Learn to Read Crochet Pattern series [4], I’ve broken down crochet diagrams in order to explain them in detail. As time goes on, companies are less likely to produce these diagrams. However diagrams can help when it comes to reading complex patterns. Written instructions are not always clear and do not give visual aid.

Watch the video to learn how to decipher the markings that appear in diagram patterns. Different stitches are depicted through various symbols. You will learn how to¬† access the information you’ll need in order to successfully to crochet pattern diagrams successfully. It is possible to complete a crochet diagram without ever having read the written instructions.

Discover a great memory tip for identifying stitches and some great insider tips on beginning a chain. I also explain certain stitches such as clusters, DC3TOG, and more. The patterns and resources I show in this video can be found on my website [5].

Be sure to stop by next week for the fourth lesson in the Learn to Read Crochet Patterns series! Grab your hook and yarn to follow along as we start crocheting a piece with a diagram and the knowledge shared in previous lessons. Catch up or freshen up on past lessons here:
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Happy hooking and see you next week!